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For every animation lovers who have for once stumbled o the youtube channel tagged as Psychicpebbles and are searching for the face and name behind it, Zach Hadel is the owner and name behind the account. We have gathered enough resources about the Youtuber, which also includes his Face Reveal,  Biography, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Husband, Hot, Nationality, age, family, height, weight, net worth, & Relationship life.

Zach Hadel Nikki

Quick Summary of Zach Hadel Biography

Full Name
Zach Hadel
Known As
29 years old
Place Of Birth
California, USA
Date of Birth
May 13, 1990
Nikki (Nikkinacks)

Who Is Zach Hadel?

Zach Hadel is popularly known for his work as the flash animator on the animated series “Hellbenders” debuting on his Psychicpebbles Youtube channel. As an American artist and animator, Zach is also known for using the popular platform YouTube and Newgrounds to promote his comedic animation and even using it as a way of expressing his thought on popular culture.

The description on the Psychicpebbles Youtube Channel describes him as part-time bozo, full-time schmuck.

Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality:

For a person who hides his physical appearance in the shadow of his creativity, Zach Hadel has been so secretive on details of his early life. His journey to fame began on April 22nd, 2008, when he started posting art and creative drawings couple with animated comedy skits online using the Username “PsychicPebble,”. while using the flash Website Newgrounds mainly for showcasing his art.

Some sources claim Zach is an American, but he once Describe himself as a German or part German, and he is a caucasian speaking of his Ethnicity. However, facts about his early education or school are withheld from the public as well just as he does with his face.

He finally uploaded his first flash video, which was titled “Tribute To Tommy” in November of 2008. Zach Hadel uploaded 15 short animation clips to New ground of titled “Hell Blenders.” He officially joined YouTube around YouTube and Deviantart in August of 2012  and make his first post under the channel PsychicPebble with the first video titled “How To Be a YouTube Famous V blogger!!”. Aside from creating his own stories, he also makes a video of games he like at that time, examples are “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and named it Skyrim Is Epic.

Zach in HellBenders
Zach in HellBenders

After a short while, Zach Hadel’s PsychicPebble channel was closed by the maker as a result of an infringement of copyright and over-the-limit NSFW content, and then he said he wish he had all his videos on his computer. The account was later opened after a year. The most popular YouTube video on the PsychicPebble channel is titled “Get Out Of My Car,” Has generated over 23 Million streams since posted on 25 Nov 2017.

The animated series titled “Hellbenders” was launched officially with his friend Chris O’Neil. Where Zach Hadel played Zach, and Chris O’Neil gets to play Chris. His friend Chris had to move from Ireland to the U.S in other to work with the Zach on the series.

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Currently, Hadel has started his own podcast, which he called “Schmucks,” where he asked his friends question from his Patreon supporters. Fans have always questioned why he fake his voice, but he claims that is his actual voice, and it started. As a result, 9f a Permacold, which he suffered as a kid where he wasn’t able to breathe from his nose due to Boogers.

How Old Is Zach Hadel (Age & Family)

Born on May, 13th 1990, In California USA, Zach Hadel is currently 29 years old, and he will turn 30 in 2020 with the birth sign Taurus. He has done a very about job keeping details about his family, Father, Mother, Brothers, and Sisters away from the public.

Relationship & Personal Life (Girlfriend).

For someone who is as secretive as Hadel, he was able to admit to the public about his love for Nikki, a fellow YouTuber who is also an artist popularly regarded as Nikkinacks. Zach Hadel also created a cartoon that describes the scene of how he met with Nikki in a dark restaurant where he was putting on a dark shade and then adding orange to her Pristine Plate. There is no news of their break up in public yet as of 2019.

Body Statistics (Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Voice & Face Reveal)

Psychicpebbles Face
Psychicpebbles Face

Despite the fact that he has appeared in numerous SleepyCabin videos, he still manages to hide his face from the camera, Stateing that the reason for this is he wants people to remember him for his achievements and his work as an animator and not for his appearance.

However, in 2016, Zach Handel’s first picture where his face was revealed came online, and from this picture, it can be deduced he was still wearing a dark shade to prevent the public from seeing his face alongside his girlfriend Nikki.

He also claims that the only way people differentiate between Zach Hadel (His real Name) and PsychicPebble was of people around him or his mutual friends introduces him to others at a party.


PsychicPebble whos real name as Zach Hadel has been able to build a distinguished career and portfolio for himself as a freelance Storyboard Artist. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is currently working as Director, Co-Writer, Voice Actor, & Animator with Netflix, and at the same time, he works with Nickelodeon Animation as Freelance Storyboard Artist.

Unheard Fact of Zach Hadel

  • Zach Can be described as an occasional writer, and he has previously worked with JonTron.
  • He is the brain behind the animated series “HellBenders” with OneyNG.
  • Speaking of comedy influence, Zach chooses Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Larry David, Louis CK, and George Carlin.
  • He claims whenever he loses his voice as a result of screaming for so long in voice-overs, he usually drinks pure honey to ease the pain on his throat.


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