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When you search for the top storytime animators on YouTube, I bet one of those names you will come across is Wolfychu. We have raked an effort to get information about her Face Reveal, Her Real Name Biography, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Husband, Hot, Nationality, age, family, height, weight, net worth, & Relationship life.


Quick Summary of Wolfychu Biography

Full Name
Kayleigh Smyth
 25 years old
  Birth Of Date
 20 march 1995
 Place of birth
 England (UK)
Jordan Sweeto
 Known For
 WolfyChu ( YouTuber )
5 feet 6 inches.
Net Worth

Who is Wolfychu?

Wolfychu is a YouTube who create storytime animation for her subscribers on the video-sharing platform. Aside the fact that tells stories with animations she also has an as distinctive high pitched voice in which many tags as fake but its actually real.

Her Wolfychu YouTube channel has been able to gather over 265 million streams with over 2.5 YouTube subscribers as of October of 2019. She is usually found to use a character which is Wolfy, in the look named Luna to represent herself. According to wolfy, Luna is a female red fox who was possessing two tails while the tip of her hair is pink then having white fur on her stomach and chest.

Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality:

While growing up and before her fame Wolfychu possesses a quite look and always enthusiastic about animals and paintings. Like every kid on, she has a best friend who stays close to their apartment, and they tend to spend the most time together Until her parents decide to move out of the UK to Spain when she was just seven.

Adapting quickly to the environment of Spain and the change of school without her best friend, young Wolfychu would give every cat she found on her way from the street a name and eventually got to keep some as pets.

Sweeto Wolfy

On starting high school she got lonely as result of no best friends but eventually the days of no best friends was over when she come across her old primary school best friend again and the duo reignite their friendship. Another problem she had while in high school was towards graduation when everyone was faced with the decision of what career to pursue or the degree to study in college. She, however, felt left out because she had no idea if she could make a career out of her love for painting 🎨.

Wolfychu’s inability to decide what career is suitable for her landed her in the job offer as a Teacher’s assistant in a primary school although she quit the job when she found out kids in the school do not take her seriously apparently because of her small look and her high pitched voice.

After quitting the job of an assistant teacher, in view of making a living, Wolfychu started painting portraits of her friends and people online, and this attracts a lot of positive reviews and great Reception, which eventually led to her getting herself a small drawing tablet, starting to draw digitally.

Wolfy as an assistant teacher
Wolfy as an assistant teacher

Wolfy finally joined YouTube on the 6th of November 2016, although the YouTube channel was named “Kayziness” before she made the decision to change it to Wolfychu, which it been known for today.

Starting off as an artist who posts memes of Pokemon & Nintendo Series because she love them. Then switching to animated storytime in 2018 claiming her first video titled “Marble Soda | meme,” which was posted on the same date she joined YouTube 6th of November 2016, was the first animation video she ever made.

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Before transitioning into Storytime on her Wolfychu Channel, she confessed she was so scared if her subscribers will like the idea of storytime animation because she gianed her subscribers initially because of their love for her art. Aside from that, she also claimed she had to write her scripts line by line and having to record them multiple times, not wanting to make mistakes and because of the fact that she is always nervous. Another major problem she felt when she was starting out was that of her voice, which she eventually found a way to live with.

Sources claim that Wolfychu’s storyline are reference to what happened to her at some point in her life. Wolfy speaks Spanish & English because she was rained in Spain and born in the UK but currently resides in Australia.

How Old Is Wolfychu (Age, Real Name & Family)

Wolfychu was born in March 20, 1995, in Surrey, London, United Kingdom with the full name Kayleigh Smyth. She is currently aged 25 in 2020, and she will turn 26 in the next year, which is 2021, with the birth sign of Pisces.

The question of her decent has been a little bit controversial where some claim she is from Australia, some claims the UK, why some claims Ireland. She is from an Irish descent but was born in the United Kingdom and then moved to Spain with her family and currently resident in Australia.

Relationship & Personal Life (Boyfriend).

From being a confused Assistant Teacher in a primary school, Wolfychu’s Life began to take proper shape when she found Jordan Sweeto’ Profile online, and the duo started skyping as they enjoy each other’s company a while always talking about subjects of interest which are Painting and Drawing. After building enough trust, Wolfychu moved from Spain to Australia to see Jordan.

Jordan Sweeto and his girlfriend
Jordan Sweeto and his girlfriend

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It was during this time where wolfy stayed three weeks in Australia that Sweeto ask wolfy to be his girlfriend, and they both became inseparable ever since then to the extent where Wolfy had to move to Australia permanently. However, the journey of their love life can be dated back to 2013.

On a lighter note, it was through the help of Sweeto her boyfriend that she discovered making animation for YouTube. Jordan Sweeto is also a Canadian born animator and YouTuber who can also be described as a musician, gamer, actor, and singer-songwriter.

Body Statistics (Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Face Revealed)


The most controversial search query about Wolfychu is that of her face reveal and her voice. However, in view of this, she made a video on the 21st of September 2019 to address why she has been so secretive about her Face and identity, and she finally made the decision to share it with the public.

The YouTube video which spans for over 10 minutes started with her drawing a face on a sketchbook and talking about why she has refused to share her face picture in the past and reasons for her coming to the public about it now. Towards the end of the video, when she has finished drawing, she tilts the camera to her self and Finally makes a face reveal video, then she completed her drawing, which was eventually her face drawing.

Wolfychu Face reveal YouTube

She also has a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Unheard Fact of Wolfychu

Wolfychu Face reveal sketch

  • Jordan Sweeto and Wolfychu have a puppy which is name as Mochi, a female puppy actually.
  • There has been a lot of speculation online regarding her voice, which many believed is fake because of the high pitch in which her voice comes with when she speaks. However, that’s her real voice judging from the face reveal video she did in 2019
  • She happens to be a big fan of Pokemon and Anime, then she likes tea and hates chips.
  • There is speculation online regarding the posting pattern of Wolfychu, which many considered as copying from another storytime YouTuber Emirichu.


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