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You might have been wondering and curious to know more about Jeff Tiedrich who always happens to be the first to comment on Donald Trump’s post. We have taken the effort to dig in more facts about the political activist Jeff who have created a niche for himself by making hateful comments on Trump’s Twitter post and have come up with more information such as his Biography, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Hot, Nationality, age, family, height, weight, net worth, & Relationship life.

Jeff Tiedrich

Quick Summary of Jeff Tiedrich Biography

Full Name
Jeffrey R Tiedrich
62 years old
Date of Birth
16th of March, 1957
Place Of Birth
Rockaway, New Jersey,
Claudia Long
Known For
Political Activist/Blogger
Warren Lloyd Tiedrich & Joan Diamond Tiedrich
Katherine Chandler Tiedrich
Net- worth

Who Is Jeff Tiedrich?

Jeff Tiedrich is a Political Blogger/Activist, who is also a musician and a graphics designer popularly known to be the first person to comment on President Donald Trump’s Twitter post. His obsession with Donald Trump has earned him over 200k followership on the mini blog platform.

However, Jeff’s occupation is not resisted to Trump’s twitter post alone he also works as a left-wing journalist on the semi-satirical publication platform “The Smirking Chimp”. Tiedrich joined the platform around August of 2005 where he made his first post titled “States Question Electronic Vote Machines” on the First day of January 2008, speaking about the voting equipment not being fit for election use.

Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality:

Earlier in life, Jeff Tiedrich started up aspiring to become a musician, he kickstarts his music career with playing guitar in 1973. He was also a member of the Alligator Music band which was a total of six individuals named V. Don Bogut III, Sam Mann, Jon Chazen, Erik Lundberg, Stumpy and Jeff Tiedrich.

Jeff Tiedrich happened to be the band’s lead guitarist. He also owns a self-named YouTube channel where he posts few videos of himself and his alligator band member’s song performance.

Regarding his education, Jeff Tiedrich attended Morris Hills High Schoo which was located in Rockaway alongside his sister. His sister graduated in 1977 while Jeff graduated in 1975 and move on to Parsons School of Design in 1975 to study for his bachelor of arts and he graduated in 1978 according to his LinkedIn profile.

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His career as a Political Activist can be traced back to the year 2000. His retired Twitter account which already had over 40k followers was flagged in 2018. Jeff Tiedrich then created another Twitter account in 2018 which has massively grown to over 200k followers Although the majority of his followers are those who follow him based on his hateful tweets against president trump.

Jeff Tiedrich has a Patreon account where users pay as much as $187 to view his contents. Aside from being a political commenter he also owns a personal website jefftiedrich.com where he listed every website he is active on. On January 29th, 2020 he created a gofundme.com campaign of $1000 goal and the campaign was titled “Pay me for Tweeting”. In the description box, he claimed he is too lazy to get a job and he still wants to constantly hate on President Trump.

Alligator Band

How Old Is Jeff Tiedrich (Age & Family)

Born on 16th of March, 1957 in Rockaway, New Jersey, the United States of America, Jeff Tiedrich is currently 62 years old in 2o2o and he will turn 63 in 2021. Born to a Jewish family of four which comprises himself, father, mother and daughter.

Jeff Tiedrich and his sister Ellen Tiedrich were born to Warren Lloyd Tiedrich his father and Joan Diamond Tiedrich (mother). Her father who is now of blessed memories served as a United States Army during the Korean war between 1951 to 1953 for a duration of two years.

Relationship & Personal Life (Wife & Children).

Political Activist/Blogger Jeff Tiedrich is happily married to Claudia Long who is eight years older than the husband. Jeff’s wife Claudia Long is a Copywriter, creative director, and strategist, whose work portfolio consists of works for Ryan Truehealth & Bodden Partners. She also supports her husband’s career, Although her CLongWriter Twitter account has been suspended.

The couple has a daughter named Katherine Chandler Tiedrich. she was born in November of 1991 and she is now a graduate from college as an aerospace engineer. Katherine is also a proud founder of Awkard Zombies. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin. while her parents live in Hastings on Hudson.

Net Worth

As a political blogger who is a musician and also a designer, Jeff Tiedrich is believed to have a net worth of $300,000. This is an estimate from 13 years as a left-wing journalist and blogger who makes revenue from advertising income and earnings from Adsense.


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