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Actor Theo James

What comes to your when name Theo James is been mentioned? Then you are wondering who the mastermind behind the movie Divergent is, look no further because Theo James played the lead role in that movie. In this post, every detail about the lifestyle of the actor would be made known ranging from his Biography, Wife, Age, and facts.

Theo James Biography

Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis popularly known as Theodore James was born on 16 December 1984. Came into the limelight playing the role of “four” in the popular movie Divergent.

Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis was born in High Wycombe on a Sunday day on 16 December 1984 which makes him 35 years of age as at this writing.

However, he is the last of five children (where there are two elder brothers and two elder sisters). Born into the family of a business consultant Philip Taptiklis, and his wife Jane (née Martin), they both worked for National Health Services.

Raised in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire, England. Theo James attended He attended Aylesbury Grammar School where he moved on to the University of Nottingham to get his degrees in philosophy.

Theo James Movies (Career) 

Theo James in Divergent 2016

While in his finals at Drama school he cast in a drama titled Stranger where he moved on to be announced as the “Star of Tomorrow” in 2009.

Being famous for making good movies and dressing super cute. Theo James made his Tv debuts earlier in 2010 where the Stars in the series “A passionate woman” although he only featured in two episodes.

Theo James also appeared in 2011 playing the role of Jed Harper in horror Tv series titled as Bedlam. He also played the role James a night club rep in a movie titled “The Inbetweeners Movie”.

In 2012 Theo James was able to play in 3 different tv series as he debuts as Jack Wales in Room at the Top, Aiden Harper in “ITV’s Case Sensitive”. He also stars in the first season of “Golden Boy” which was extended to 2013 as Detective Walter William Clark Jr. Theo James featured in the fourth part of Underworld movie series acting as David. He moved on later in 2013 to feature in “Domino’s Effect”

He later landed the role that brought him to the limelight as Theo James stars as the lead role in 2014 Divergent In the character of Tobias “Four” Eaton.  He retained the character in 2015 The Divergent Series: Insurgent.

For the success of the role Theo James played in Divergent he was awarded as a brand ambassador for Hugo Boss fragrances for men. Become the face of Hugo Boss on every print and commercials in 2015. Coupled with the success he attained 2015 he also Star in “Adaptation of London Fields” Theo James was also present in the movie The Benefactor released in 2015.

He didn’t appear much on screen in 2016 but he returned for the sixth series of the Divergent Movie and also played his David character in the fifth edition of the Under World movie.

In 2018 he landed the role of Michael in Backstabbing for Beginners.

Theo James Age

Theo James in 2010

As of Date, the actor James Age who is a brand ambassador for Hugo boss is (35 years old) with the birth date of 16th of December 1984.

Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis was born and raised in High Wycombe Oxford, London.

Theodore James was raised as the last child in the family of 5 children. Having 2 elder sisters and 2 elder brothers.

He is a man with many roots with his father from Scotland and his Mother from New Zealand.

Theo James as a Musician

Theo James Singing

Many of Theo James fans are not aware of the fact that their favorite actor was once part of a music band playing guitar for the London-based band Shere Khan.

Although the band was officially dismissed for unknown reasons. On the 12th of November in 2012, the band makes the news of their dismissal on their official Facebook page.

Theo James Wife

Theo James Wife Ruth Kearney

It should no longer be news how good looking Theo James is. This fact has female companion always wanting to be in the company of Theo James. Ever since been in the limelight Theodore James has been faithful to his longtime partner and best friend Ruth Kearney who is also an Irish actress. Rumors have it that he met Ruth Kearney while still at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2009.

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Late in 2018, August 25th to be precise Theodore James took Ruth Kearney to the altar where he put a wedding ring on her. Ever since they got married in Islington Town Hall in 2018 they have been happy together and no rumor of break up has been published online.

According to the report, the duo was spotted on the night of their wedding with Ruth Kearney putting on a wedding white gown, on the other hand, Theo James was putting on a ring.

Theo James Net Worth

For someone who has spent over 10 years in the acting scene Making interesting movies. Theo James has made quite a fortune with his network from reliable sources is reported as $6 Million.

While still awaiting his official net worth it should be noted that Theodore James has Got a lot of successful movies to his name plus some notable awards also.

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