Swaggersouls Face Reveal, Age, Real Name, Height & Unheard Facts

Mention list of top YouTube gamer without the name Swaggersouls is like making an incomplete list of a Chinese fried rice recipe. Every information about the YouTuber who became famous for VRChat and posting CS: GO videos will be discussed below which include Face Reveal,  Biography, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Hot, Nationality, age, family, height, weight, net worth, & Relationship life.

Swagger In his Misfit Merch

Quick Summary of Swaggersouls Biography

Full Name
Eric Vivian Mathew
25 years old
 Date of Birth
24th of February 1994
 Place Of Birth
Bahamas (United States of America)
 Known For
Gaming Youtuber
5 feet and 8 inches tall
 Net worth

Who Is Swaggersouls?

As A YouTuber In the gaming niche Swaggersouls whose real name is Eric Vivian Mathew has been able to build a reputable name for himself rising to limelight for his VRChat and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos on his Youtube Channel. Aside from having over 3.7 Million subscribers on his youtube channel, he also wears a Knight Helmet, which makes his stands out from every other Youtuber.

Not only is he a Gamer on youtube, but he also co-hosts a podcast with other members known as the Misfits, which consist of Six members with their name listed as McCreamy, TobyOnTheTele, INotorious, Fitz, Zuckles & SwaggerSouls.  McCreary (Jay), TobyOnTheTele (Toby), INotorious (Matt), Fitz (Cameron), Zuckles (Mason), SwaggerSouls. With his twitch followership reacting over 454,000 subscribers in 2019.

Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality:

Eric Vivian Mathew, who is popularly known as Swaggersouls and sometimes called Swagger by his fans, is an American Youtuber Known for the distinctive Helmet he usually wears in his video. Information about his early background or education has not been made known to the public, neither has his religion.

His Youtube Channel was created on the May 2015, and he made his first video on 18th of April 2016 titled “Casual Shoutcasting | CSGO” which has over 300 thousand views than the next video which was posted on the 7th of May 2017 was titled “The Ballad of Blobfish” and it has over 350 thousand Streams as of 2019. However, this is not the most popular video on the channel, The most popular is titled “Dating Heyimbee In VRChat,” a video that has a total of over 10 Million views.  Swaggersouls Youtube channel gets updated At intervals of three times in a month with views coming from his loyal Followers of over 3.7 million.

How Old Is Swaggersouls (Age & Family)

Eric Vivian Mathew, popularly known as SwaggerSouls, was born on the 24th of February 1994 In Bahamas (United States of America), making him 25 years old in 2019 while she will turn 26 in the year 2020 with the birth sign of Pisces.

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Swagger, who resides in Idaho, USA, has not made mention of any details about his father, mother, brother or siblings, he has done an excellent job in keeping them out of the public.

Body Statistics (Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Face Reveal)

The most searched query of Swaggersouls is his face revealed; his fans are always waiting for the picture of where he is without the knight helmet, which he uses in his videos. Being controversial, Swagger made a video with the title “The Face Reveal” in other for his fans to guess what his face looks like, and in celebration of his Youtube channel anniversary, the video has been viewed over 7.3 million times. After a thorough examination and comparison of his eyebrows, nose, and face shape in every picture of him, which has been posted online, it was easily deduced that the image below is the real face of Swaggersouls.


On another occasion, he posted a picture on his Twitter page with the caption “I lost my helmet, so this red beanie and glasses will have to do for now” on the 1st of April in 2017. This picture below was posted before he made the video of “The Face Reveal” on the 7th of July 2018. The picture Eric was seen putting on a glasses with his hand raised also putting on a red hoodie.

Swaggersouls Face Reveal

He’s 5 feet and 8 inches tall, which is approximated to 1.7 meters. Although many believed this is not his actual height because he appears short in most outings. Swagger also has a brown hair color with a greenish eye.

Unheard Fact of Swaggersouls & His Net Worth

As an American Gaming Youtuber Swaggersouls, net worth is an estimate of $400,000, which is income earned from his Youtube and Twitch account. Eric’s Youtube channel has over 3.7 million subscribers, with over 252 million views in total, and he also has a steady flow of income from his twitch account, which already accumulated over 464K Followers.

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