Sveta Bilyalova Bio, Age, Wiki & Interesting Facts

Do you have questions relating to the Russian Instagram Model Sveta Bilyalova and how she came across her over 6 million Instagram followers? We have carefully put together facts of the star, which includes details of her lifestyle, Age, Wiki, Biography, Height, Son, and many more in the article below.

Sveta Bilyalova
Sveta Bilyalova

Quick Summary of Sveta Bilyalova Biography

Full Name Svetlana Bilyalova
Age 27 years old
Date of Birth 20 June 1992
Place of Birth Moscow, Russia
Known For Instagram Model
Nationality Russian
Height 167 cm
Weight 56Kg
Net Worth $450,000

Who Is Sveta Bilyalova?

Have you ever wonder the name behind the Instagram account Svetabily? It appears Sveta Bilyalova is the name behind the Instagram account with over six million followers. Although many other wiki websites will like to address her as Svetlana Bilyalova, judging from her Instagram account, which is the most popular of her social media profile, she prefers Sveta to Svetlana as her first name.

Sveta Instagram name

She successfully walks her way from being the regular Russian Instagram model and comedian to appearing in American rapper Future music video where he featured The Weekend on the song Low Life. She now owned an online store where you can order for T-shirts and hoodies.

Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality:

Born as Svetlana Bilyalova, although she prefers to be called Sveta instead. She hails from Moscow in Russia where she was born also having the mixed blood of the Tatars (Tatars: these are Turkic-speaking immigrants who reside in Russia).

For someone who was not involved with casting, posing in front of cameras or other media related activities while growing upSveta Bilyalova has achieved a lot of success from her presence online. This has left so many of her follower wondering how she got so popular overnight through the help of social media and how she has attained much success with the help of the internet, her body shape has the credit for that. Even though she didn’t consider modeling at a young age, Sveta Bilyalova developed an interest in Fashion very early in life.

Much information about her education is not revealed to the public other than the fact that Sveta Bilyalova got a degree in public Relation from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR). The fact that she has a degree in public relation has been the key to her steady relationship with her followers.

There has been the controversy about which social media was Sveta Bilyalova first social media some claim she first posted on the now discontinued video sharing platform “Vine” where she never stop sharing funny videos and selfies of herself in bikinis while other wiki site claimed that her first social media post was on Twitter in 2013.

In the process of being famous and wanting to be more successful in the modeling industry, Sveta Bilyalova moved from her hometown and birthplace Moscow in Russia to California. Sveta moved to California alongside another Russian designer, Mira Sezar who eventually became Sveta’s best friend and who took the place of a second manger over her career. Mira and Bilyalova both lives in their apartment in California.

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How Old Is Sveta Bilyalova (Age & Family)

Sveta Bilyalova was born on the 20th of  June, 1992, in her home town, Moscow, Russia making her 27 years old in 2019. She would clock 28 on the same date in 2020 and 29 years of age in 2021 with the birth sign of Capricorn.

Many details have not been revealed about Sveta family as she remained silent over this fact. Although many wiki site claim she has two siblings Anna Bilyalova and Diana Melison we are unable to verify the authenticity of events about her siblings, father, mother and other relatives at the moment.

Anella Miller Sveta on Valentin day
Anella Miller Sveta on Valentin day

Relationship & Personal Life ().

Tons of followers have questioned Sveta Bilyalova’s sexuality and her past relationship where some fans claim she has a son who she does not show to the public. Judging from her post on her official Instagram account its a norm for her to post pictures of her girlfriends partying with her. There is an Instagram post which she posted of her on valentine’s day where she was seen having fun with her friend Anella Miller which fans presume she’s her partner.

But majorly her Instagram page is filled with the post of herself and her girlfriends having fun and touring the world; she has been able to keep her personal life off the social which is the right thing to do.

Son’s Controversy:

her son Danil
her son Danil

There has been controversy regarding the fact that the famous Instagram star Sveta Bilyova has a son who she does not show affection. Her son was a rumor to be named Danil, and there are a couple of pictures below which can prove these facts, these pictures are taken before are fame. Moreover, details from her past affair and relationship have not been mention by her.

sveta Son Tamil
Sveta Son Danil

Body Statistics (Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color)

Sveta’s primary point of sale is that of her well-shaped body and her body size she height of 167 cm, which means she is 5.47 feet tall. She weights 56 kg (123 lbs) with a black hair color alongside a black eye color.

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There has been a constant question about her quick body shape as many believe these happened as a result of surgery. She claims to spend more time in the gym, which is her perfect excuse for her body shape. There has been a significant change in the look of Sveta Bilyalova’s nose, lips, breast, hips, and fans believe all these by just fitness and exercise.

Career, Awards & Net Worth

Traveling around the world has been her primary goal, and Sveta Bilyalova has been doing an outstanding job at this. Regularly posting fitness pictures, pictures of her partying and having fun with her friends on Instagram in other to inspire fans. With this, she has been able to win a lot of modeling deal one which includes her featuring on Future’s Low Life video and also in 2019 she is promoting for the Energy Drink Bang Energy Drink.

Sveta believes to be worth an estimate of $450,000 in 2019 earned from her Instagram promotion and brand appearance. It is thought that Bilyalova makes $2000 weekly and monthly $8000.

Unheard Fact of Sveta Bilyalova

  • The Instagram star has been heavily criticized in the past for owning a Lion Cub which she does post constantly

    Lion Cub as pet
    Lion Cub as pet
  • Also being a lover of pet Bilyalova received a baby goat from the parent of her friend Ula Šemole.a gift of baby goat
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