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Ever heard of the name Roaming Millennial?. It’s certain that the next thing that comes through your mind is whats her real name? and many other questions. Every doubt will be settled regarding any question you have on Roaming Millennial after you thoroughly go through this writing.

Roaming Millennial At The Free Tommy Protest
Roaming Millennial At The Free Tommy Protest



Real Name Lauren Chen (Lauren Elise Chen)
Age  25 years old
Date OF Birth (Born)  1995
Country of Origin Canada
Nationality Hong Kong
Known As  Politic & Culture Commentator (YouTube)
Religion  Christianity
Ethnicity Half-Asian (Canadian & Hong Kong)
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches (1.7 m) tall
Fiance / Boyfriend  Liam Donovan

Who Is Roaming Millennial (Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia)

The name Roaming Millennial has been around for a little while. Whereas only a few know that her real name is Lauren Chen and the birth name is Lauren Elise Chen (Only a few know her to have the middle name Elise). On the question of who is Lauren Chen she is a political commentator and at the same time, she is also interested in commenting on culture. She became famous for sharing political thoughts on her YouTube channel. She is also the host of the CRTV show Roaming Millennial: Uncensored.

The question of her early life has been increasing over time, while she is keen on making her personal life stay private. we have been able to gather some information about Roaming Millennial from reliable sources. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

The New York Attack Homegrown Extremism
The New York Attack Homegrown Extremism

In one of her tweets, she makes is public that she was born in Canada to a Christian parent and with time her family moved to Hong Kong at a very young age. She was also raised in Hong Kong making her of the Mixed Ethnicity of Canada and Hong Kong. Roaming never stops talking about the fact that her parent does not have enough knowledge politically but they are well to do when it comes to social related topics. From a reliable source, a report has it that she has just on siblings who is a male. Her brother is also taking after her when it comes to political knowledge.

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Just like her parents, Roaming Millennia is  Christian. she is actually proud to make this proclamation of faith regardless of where she is at any giving time. In one of her YouTube sessions Lauren emphasis on how she moved from being an Atheism believer to Christianity. In the same video, she didn’t leave out the fact that all Christians should be more involved in the Political And Social Landscape.


Although Lauren is of the school of thought where she does not want to push her religion to her followers and her YouTube Subscriber. She believes everyone has their freedom to choose which faith they want.

How Old Is Roaming Millennia (Age & Family)

Roaming Millennia Age
Roaming Millennia Age

There have always been speculations regarding Here age. Although Roaming Millennia Age is being known to be 25 in 2019 according to one of her tweets in 2017. She started college at the age of 17, Spent 3 years in College and Graduated at 20.

She once posted on Twitter the reason she would not share her birth date with anyone was that her mother asked her what year she was born in.

Roaming Millennia Family (Mother, Father & Brother) 

Roaming Millennia with her brother and Father
Roaming Millennia with her brother and Father

Roaming Millennia grew up with her family which comprises of his father, mother and his brother. Lauren Chen claims her family are not politically inclined like her. In one of her tweets on twitter she mentioned the fact that her Family especially her mother has been coming around lately on Political related matters. Owing to the fact that her brother is always with him both politically and Socially.

Lauren Chen Parent Father Mother
Lauren Chen Parent Father Mother

What Is Roaming Millennial Real Name?

Roaming Millennial Real Name

Only a Few of Here subscribers knows the real name of Roaming to be Lauren Chen. She became popular with her YouTube channel and followers have taken her YouTube Channel name to be her real name. She was born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong alongside her Brother.

Who is Roaming Millennial Boyfriend? (Is She Engaged?)

This fact has stayed hidden for so long until when she decided to make it public her fiance name is Liam Donovan. Replying to a comment on her twitter page she told her fans she got engaged at the age of 23 while she is 24 at that time in 2018. Although she has to keep mute on the details of her Fiancee. Roaming’s Boyfriend identity has not been known to the public to date. Around April in 2018, she also replies to one of twitter’s thread that her boyfriend is also a student and she makes more money than him. She left the note that she does not judge people’s worth by what they can get for her. Recently she agreed to let out the name of her boyfriend while announcing the news of him joining the mini blog platform twitter to be Liam Donovan.



What Is Roaming Millennial Ethnicity?

The question of her ethnicity has always come into play as she is believed to be a Canadian while others also ague of her being Hong Kong. In one of her post, she made it clear that she was born in Canada before her Catholic family consisting of her Mother, Father and her Brother moved down to Hong Kong where she was raised.

Unheard Facts of Roaming Millennial

Regardless of what people are searching for online about the lifestyle of Lauren Chen, We have been able to come up with some facts that have not been heard in the public.

  • She attends a Baptist church but looking to be a Non-Denominational Christian
  • Her father is Catholic.
  • She is a Dog Lover, her dog is named Jellybean.
  • She does not hate gays and atheists.
  • Roaming has been criticized in the past for being Hypocrite and being a victim of Racist

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