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If you have been conversant with the MTV from the onset, then the name Nina Blackwood Should ring a bell. She is an American DJ who is was also among the first five MTV VJs. Below are full detail and information about her Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, age, family, height, weight, net worth, & Relationship life.

Nina Blackwood
Nina Blackwood

Quick Summary of Nina Blackwood Biography

Full Name
Nina Blackwood Rodiguez
Age 68 years old
Place of Birth Springfield, Massachusetts USA
Date of Birth 9th December 1952
Husband Danny Sheridan (D)
Known for Former MTV VJ & Tv Host
Height 5 inches 6 feet tall or (167) cm tall
Net Worth $500,000

Who is Nina Blackwood?

The American Dick Jockey Nina Knickiner, who is popularly known as Nina Blackwood, was one of the five original Video Jockey at MTV from inception. Aside from being a DJ and VJ, Nina has also made few guest appearances on movies, which makes her an actress and at the same time, a model.

1955 born, has been around for a while but got more attention when appeared undress in an edition of Playboy pictorial. It did not end there as she also gets featured in movies like “Vice Squad” & “Reckless Kelly.” Nina was also the inspiration for the song “Missing You’ which was released in 1984 by John White.

Nina blackwood with other 4 MTV original Vjs
Nina blackwood with other 4 MTV original Vjs

She is currently the host for the show tagged as” 80s on 8 with Nina Blackwood,” which airs on Sirius Radio and launching in 2016 to date.

Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality:

Born as Nina Kinckiner, her journey into the entertainment scene started when she was at a tender age of four, she enrolled for piano lessons and also homeschooled in music. Aside from taking piano lessons, she also developed an interest in learning how to play the harp and finally became a professional.

When Nina Blackwood turned eight, she begins acting in a local movie theater. Although she didn’t work for so long as her elegant look and her beautiful appearance help her to model. This didn’t end here as she had also landed few voice-over gigs for TV, radios, and movies because of her distinctive voice, which has been described as Froggy.

Speaking of her education other than her music schooling, she attended Rocky River High School Nina Blackwood was one of the 1970 graduands. After her high school graduation, she moved to Lee Strasberg Institute to study acting in Los Angeles.

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It was a result of her works in the Lee Strasberg Institute that make her landed her role in “Vice Squad,” a story which was based on the seamy side of Hollywood hookers. She once claimed that her interest in the part of “Vice Squad” was triggered when she saw the rough cut of the film, also claimed she cried with the thought of how women can get trapped in the life of violence as a means to surviving although she was not able to join the final version of the film as a result of other commitments that took her New York City from Los Angeles. Not once or twice has she appeared as an actress as she was also featured in “The Vagiba Chronicles.”

Then finally, in 1981, Nina Blackwood was chosen among the other four persons, which includes Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and J. J. Jackson as the first five original VJs for MTV when the began broadcasting that year.

  1. Host of 80s on 8

Host of 80s on 8

How Old Is Nina Blackwood (Age & Family)

Nina Blackwood was Born on 9th December 1952 in Springfield, Massachusetts USA, Making her Sixty five (65) years of age in 2020 while she turns 66 in 2021.  With the birth sign of Virgo ♍.

She was raised by her parents on the west side of Ohio, as the report has it that her family moved from Massachusetts to Oio when she was seven (7). There are many claims that Nina Blackwood’s Father was in Government service, which was just a none accurate report. More details about Blackwood’s family (like her father, mother, brother, or sister’s name) are shaded away from the public. The only that we were able to confirm is that her father works as a minister or preferable as a Sunday school teacher.

Relationship & Personal Life ().

Over the years, Nina Blackwood has done an excellent job of remaining silent about her personal life and her relationships. She is the type of person who lets the public know what she felt is necessary.

Sources have it that Nina divorced in 1991 after just being in the relationship for only four years. And she hasn’t been seeing anyone publicly ever since she got divorced to her husband Danny Sheridan. But above all, many believe that she has a secret relationship with actor Kelly Vincent. Rumors which arise as a result of Nina mentioning Kelly Vincent in her book saying.

“Kelly Vincent, for making my life meaningful, I love you eternally”.

There are also so claims stating that Nina Blackwood also has an interest in women; in other words, meaning she is a lesbian which has not been confirmed. We deduced that Nina is very busy with her career and didn’t have too much time for a relationship and it’s drama.

Body Statistics (Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color)

Her distinctive look has also contributed in success with her Blond hair color, which many describe as brown, Nina Blackwood is 5 inches and 6 feet tall, which is approximately 167 cm tall and her weight is 58kg with Black eyes.

Career, Awards & Net Worth

Being one of the original five MTV VJs from 1981 to 1986, Nina Blackwood deserves some accolades with her Net worth estimated to about $500,000.

Over the year, she has been able to build a reputation for her self from years of working with MTV, being an actress, also modeling, and lastly, making voice over. And she currently works as a host to a TV show which tagged alongside her name.

Unheard Fact of Nina Blackwood

  • Speaking of favorites, Nina’s favorite color is black; her favorite singer is Jennifer Aniston & Gwen Stefani; she also chooses Sharon Stone & Catherine Keener as her favorite actresses, then Brad Pitt & John Corbett as her favorite actors.
  • She has a portfolio of music commentary on CNN, MSBBC, CNBC, and she is currently hosting her TV show.
  • Not only is she a disc jockey, but she is also an author of a book alongside her fellow MTV VJs with collaboration from Rolling Stone on the book titled  “VJ-The Unplugged Adventures of MTV’s First Wave.”.
  • Nina Blackwood has a raspy voice, which she describes as being Froggy, a nickname she claims to get from childhood.


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