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Seeing the 2018 movie Hereditary will certainly prompt many to search the name Milly Shapiro as she played Charlie Graham (a young girl who her body was possessed by the soul of King since she is an infant. With this fact in play, we have taken the effort to put out fact relating to the life of Milly Shapiro with the question arising on the internet regarding her health status, If she has any Illness, Disability without excluding her Medical condition?. Going further we also include facts about her age, Family & Early life below.

Milly Shapiro
Milly Shapiro


Real Name Amelia Lee Shapiro.
Age 18 Years Old in 2020
Date OF Birth (Born) July 16, 2002
Place of Birth Tampa, Florida (United States)
Known For Charlie In Hereditary movie
Net Worth $400,000
Boyfriend None
Parents Eric Shapiro (Father) & Michelle Shapiro (Mother)
Height 1.47m or 147 cm Tall
Siblings Abigail Shapiro

Who Is Milly Shapiro (Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life, Career & Awards)

If you have ever seen the movie heredity then the young face of Milly Shapiro will not be a new one. Her journey of life began when she was born to the family of Eric Shapiro who is her father and Michelle Shapiro her mother who were business owners before her birth, on July 16, 2002, in Tampa, Florida.

The name Milly Shapiro was coined out of her real name Amelia Lee Shapiro which is also her birth name. Amelia  Shapiro attended community Montessori School for her elementary at the age of one then move on to Professional Children’s School for young actors upon moving to New York at the age of Ten (10).

Four Matildas from Broadway featuring Milly
Four Matildas from Broadway featuring Milly

While growing up she developed an interest in Acting and Singer as the result of the influence of her sister Abigail Shapiro. On turning 3 in 2005 Milly has already begun involvement with voice training, then she started acting at the age of 5. She finally launched her acting career at the age of 10 when she took the role of Matilda in Matilda the Musical on Broadway.

That same year she cast as Sally Brown in the first off-Broadway all-youth production of You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown In 2016. another fact of Milly Shapiro will be included below

She Loves Fishing

  • Milly has developed an interest in reading, then playing with her pets (Being a dog lover)
  • After acting our the role of Charlie Milly Shapiro made it public her love for Horror Movie, Making Harry Potter universe once of her favorite of all time without excluding the fact that she loves anime (The Dark Butler, The Jellyfish Princess, and Tokyo Ghoul are her favorite). She also loves to get killed in movies
  • She announced number 7 as her lucky number owing to the fact that she was born in the month of July which is also the 7th month of the year.
  • She does not discriminate when it comes to the choice of food except for Hummus but she does prefer English Tea for breakfast and she also like having a bag of tea around her.
  • Milly Shapiro is also interested in Harajuku fashion and she also claimed she would have become a fashion designer if not an actress.
  • On her involvement in Hereditary movie she shared her most difficult scene to be the scene where she has to behead the pigeon, she added that animals are a meek creature that does not deserve to be hurt. While auditioning for the role of Charlie in hereditary she never believed she could land the role as every other kid auditioning for the role are 3 years old younger than she is.
  • She is a Christian with the astrological sign of Cancer.
  • Milly Shapiro made history on becoming one of the youngest winners of the Tony Honor after being nominated for 12 Tony Award with Matilda alongside other casts Sophia Gennusa, Bailey Ryon, and Oona Laurence.
  • In 2018 Milly Shapiro also appeared in one episode of the comedy series “Splitting Up Together” acting as Emma Rebecca.
  • She was also nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award for Maltidal a musical that was shown at the Sam S. Shubert Theatre from 8 March 2013 – 19 January 2014.

How Old is Milly Shapiro (Age & Family)?

Milly with her sister Singing
Milly with her sister Singing

The young creepy girl in Heredity with the name Milly Shapiro was born on July 16, 2002, she is now 18 years old in 2020 and she will turn 19 in the year 2021. Born into the family of four which includes her Father Eric, Mother Michelle, Sister Abigail, and lastly herself being the youngest. The Family of the Shapiro resides in Tampa, Florida which is also her place of birth until they move to New York while she was at the age of 10 in search of a career in acting and Film making.

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Milly ‘s Parent

Ever since breaking into limelight less has been said about her parent with her father Eric Shapiro known to be a businessman. Then on the other and her mother Michelle Shapiro has always been in support of her acting career, in an interview Milly Stated that her mother was always with her while she was on set of Hereditary. Milly Shapiro also includes how her mother would always touch her head to make sure she is okay whenever she sees Hereditary Movie with her.

Amelia Shapiro Sister (Abigail Shapiro)

Abigail has been a major influence in Amelia Lee Shapiro development as a singer-actress. Being is a vocalist and actress in Broadway, Abigail Shapiro Singlehandedly composed the Shapiro sisters’ debut album titled “Live Out Loud” the duo (Milly & Abigail) later worked on a minor project tagged as “Time Reveals”. The Shapiro sisters are the first minor to have a cabaret at the 54 Below cabaret space in New York City.

On the other hand regarding Abigail Shapiro Acting career she starred in the off-Broadway production of Liberty: A Monumental New Musical and was also played the role of Cindy Lou Who in Madison Square Garden’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Being Milly Shapiro’s first roommate on going to college Milly announced that she would miss Abigail but will break in into her dorm room to annoy her. Abigail and Milly Shapiro has actively been in support of the anti-bullying campaign as the majority of their gigs at the to support Anti-Bulling.

Milly Shapiro Body Measurement (Face, Height, Weight).

Judging from her appearance over the year Milly Shapiro believed to have a slim appearance with the height of 1.47m or 147 cm tall and she weighs 40kg with the shoe size of 37. She is blonded with a blue eye.

Does Milly Shapiro have an Illness? (Condition, Disability, Diagnosis, Syndrome & Medical Condition).

Amelia Lee Explaining What is Cleidocrainial Dysplasia
Amelia Lee Explaining What is Cleidocranial Dysplasia

The question revolving around Milly Shapiro’s Medical Condition has been a constant trend among her lovers, She has been assumed to possess a rare genetic condition called Cleidocranial dysplasia, CCD (This is a genetic condition and disability which associated with the bone and the teet of the patient. This condition makes the collarbones of the patient Underdeveloped or completely absent thereby making the shoulder be brought together in some case).

This is believed to be the major reason why Milly Shapiro has a creepy look in Hereditary with symptoms of these syndrome includes prominent forehead, wide-set eyes, abnormal teeth, and a flat nose of the carrier, although these symptoms vary with a different patient.

Just like Dustin Henderson in “Stranger Things”, Milly Shapiro is not bothered about this condition as she has always been looking to be a better version of herself and Improving her career.

How Rich is Milly Shapiro (Net Worth)?

With her short involvement in the entertainment industry, Milly Shapiro is believed to be worth $400,000 Four hundred thousand dollars in 2019. She makes an arguably some of $2,347 per week in the Broadway. She makes money off her musical Sales and then she earned $200,000 for her involvement and role play in the Hereditary Movie.

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