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Only a few have the opportunity on being 15 and already a professional model and actress such as the life of Millie Bobby Brown. She represents the face of Eleven in the Netflix series “Stranger Things” and also Featured in the series Grey’s Anatomy. She became one of the youngest to be nominated for Emmy Award for being actively involved in the movie scene. She also became the youngest face to model for the big brand Calvin Klien. Information of Millie Bobby Brown Biography and Lifestyle will be included below in these articles regarding who she is currently or has dated in the past, who are parents was, relationship with Drake, how old and how tall she is.

Millie Bobby Brown


Real Name Millie Bobby Brown.
Age  16 years old
Date OF Birth (Born) February 19, 2004
Place of Birth Marbella, Spain
Nationality British
Net Worth $3 million
Boyfriend Jacob Sartorius
Parents Robert Brown (Father) & Kelly Brown (Mother)
Height 5 feet 4 inches tall (162cm)
Siblings Paige Brown, Ava Brown & Charlie Brown

Who Is Millie Bobby Brown (Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life)

Millie Bobby Brown was born on 19 February 2004 in Andalusia, Spain. Born at HC International Hospital in Spain to be precise she was born with partial hearing. Her Partial hearing abilities make her lose hearing at a specific ear gradually until she can’t make use of that part of an ear for sensing. Millie was being given birth to in the family of Robert and Kelly Brown who later moved from Spain when she was four years old to Bournemouth, Dorset after four years the family moved from Bournemouth to Orlando, Florida.

Being the Third of four children of Robert & Kelly Brown she received all the love she can get from her parent. Bobby Brown grew up alongside three siblings (2 Sisters, Paige, and Ava with respect to their ages & a Brother, Charlie) in the family of six members. Her father Robert Brown said in an interview “While his other children will be stuck with watching cartoons Millie Brown will rather opt-in for watching Musicals (Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Annie & Bugsy Malone).

While the Family of Millie Bobby Brown was residing in Marbella in Spain the British family has gone to stay with their grandparents who run a restaurant in Spain. Her Father worked as an estate manager upon moving to Bournemouth while Millie was just four. Then when she turned eight her family made the decision that changes their life which is the family moving from Bournemouth to Floride where the father ventured into the tooth-whitening occupation.

Robert Brown with his daughter Millie Bobby
Robert Brown with his daughter Millie Bobby

On Arrival to Bournemouth Millie Bobby Brown was enrolled to Pokesdown Community Primary School in the city of Bournemouth for her primary education. Then when it appears that Millie was taking the acting thing seriously and she is becoming bothersome her dad have to enroll her for four hours Dancing, Acting & Singing class at a stage school.

It was at the stage school an agent advised her parent to move from Orlando to Los Angeles when she would be open to more opportunities. This was the most difficult decision a family can make as they had to sell almost all they have to finance there move to Los Angeles. Things didn’t go as the family had planned with Millie landing Minor roles, Left with no other option the family moved back to Orlando, Florida living with their Aunt.

With Hard work in place, Millie and her family did not give up on her acting career as she kept on auditioning for more roles. She finally landed her role in Stranger Things which requires her to shave her hair and she took it. Bobby Brown’s hard work and dedication have become legendary in the industry as of today.

How Old is Millie Bobby Brown (Age & Family)

Millie Bobby Brown was born on 19 February 2004 making her 16  years of age in 2020 and she will turn 17 in the year 2021. She became one of the youngest faces to represent the popular brand Calvin Klein at a young age of 12 also landing her first major acting role as Eleven in the popular Netflix series Strangers Thing.

She was born into the family of Robert & his wife Kelly Brown with three other siblings (Paige, Ava & Charlie). Bobby Brown was raised in various location as a result of his family constant move from one country to another in search of a greener pasture.

Who are Millie Bobby Brown Parents (Father & Mother)

The Questions of who are Millie Bobby Brown parents has constantly been arising this as made up put together a few facts revolving around the lifestyle of her parent who contributed a lot to her successful career. Her Parents reportedly sold all their assets to favor Bobby Brown acting career which was their best decision the family ever made.

  • Robert Brown (Millie’s Father)

Robert Brown was known to be an Estate manager while still at Bournemouth, On relocating to Orlando, Florida he ventured into Teeth Withening business in other to support the upbringing of his family and children. He resides with his parent who runs a restaurant business while living in Spain.

  • Kelly Brown (Millie’s Mother)

Kelly Brown Known has Millie Bobby Brown mother has been supportive of her daughter’s careers. In an interview, her daughter stated That Kelly Brown is her number one fan, she has been present for her through thick and thin even before the fame.

Millie Bobby Brown Body Measurement (Height, Feet, Weight)

Millie Bobby Brown body stats (which includes her Weight, Height, Feets, Hair &  Eye Color) would be discussed in this section. The first noticeable fact on spotting Millie is her Light Brown eye, then her you should be amazed by her 5’4″ height which is equivalent to Being 162cm tall. Millie Brown weight is equivalent to 47 kg and then her hair color is known to be dark brown.

Millie Bobby Brown feet
Millie Bobby Brown feet

Who is Millie Bobby Brown Dating (Boyfriend)

You Might be surprised why the question of dating is brought up in the lifestyle of 15 years old. Over the few years, she revolved in the midst of rumor claiming she has dated like of Drake, Finn Wolfhard, and Jacob Sartorius. Actually, Jacob Sartorius is the only true romantic relationship Millie had amidst all rumor.

Relationship with Finn Wolfhard:

Many have believed in the rumor where Millie was reportedly dating Finn Wolfhard. Moreover, the duo kissed on set while working on the movie “Stranger Things” but the relationship between them has been kept professional and friendship based with nothing more attached. She reported deleting a picture of Finn on her Instagram page basically because the fans took her post in a wrong way. She was quoted saying

“There’s basically something going round. I just wanna clear a few things up. So… I recently deleted a post on Instagram that was a picture of me and Finn and it was a post of us at the premiere and I said, obviously, that he was a great co-star. I might have worded it wrong but I deleted it because I thought that you guys took it the wrong way and I didn’t want you guys to take it the wrong way because we are just really good friends and that’s all we’ll ever be.”

Relationship with Jacob Sartorius:

This, of course, has been the only true romantic relationship the 15 years old Millie Bobby Brown had. Jacob Sartorius is a singer and the duo has been dating for over a year now with report having it the duo broke up to reunite again after Jacob Sartorius cheated on Millie.

What is Millie Bobby Brown Relationship with Drake: Are They Dating?

Drake and Millie Bobby Brown
Drake and Millie Bobby Brown

Funny as it seems, It would be a great act of child abuse for the Canadian rapper Drake to date a young girl of 15. The relationship between Millie Bobby Brown and Drake is strictly on a friendship based relationship. In 2017 November Drake met with Millie at the backstage of one of his concert in Australia. Millie was quoted sayin he Love Drake and he is also her role model with the Duo texting on a regular basis.

Is Millie Bobby Brown Deaf?

Right from birth Bobby Brown is born with the condition of being Partially deaf. A condition which makes a certain part of the ear becomes less sensitive gradually. Regardless of this, she has been constantly pursuing her dreams and this has not been a hindrance in any way to her singing and acting career.

In the video below she was seen rapping Nicki Minaj full verse off the Monster track and she appears to be really good at it.

Quick Facts of Millie Brown You Should Know

Milli Brown in the Boxing Costume
Milli Brown in the Boxing Costume
  • Millie is a fan of Liverpool Fc
  • Her first kiss happened while filming a particular scene in the movie “Stranger Thing”
  • She is partially deaf.
  • She represents the face of Calvin Klein in 2017
  • She is British as man mistook her for being American because of her Ascent (which was learned from watching American Movies)
  • Whenever she is not on a movie set she is into boxing training
  • Her family nearly went broke while trying to support her career.
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