Lola Burr Age, Bio, Pictures & Unheard Facts Of Bill Burr’s Daughter

Every fact about Bill Burr’s daughter Lola Burr will be discussed in this article. We have taken our time to document much about her Biography and how she has grown as of 2019.

Quick Summary of Lola Burr Biography

Full Name
Lola Burr
three years old
Date of Birth
20th January 2017
Place of Birth
Los Angeles, California, United States
Nia Renee Hill
Bill Burr
Black (African)
Hair Color
Famous for
Bill Burr, Daughter

Who Is Lola Burr? Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality:

After so many years of wait, the family of Bill Burr and his wife finally welcomed their first child who goes by the name Lola Burr in the early hours of the 20th of January 2017. She is just two years old, and much has not been recorded about her online, but his father Bill claims the birth of Lola is the best thing that happened to him as a man, and he also mentioned his regret of not having a baby earlier.

From the look of things, Lola Burr came in addy as the first gift in the year 2017 to the Bill’s although her family has kept her from the public, which has been the reason why it’s hard to find pictures of her face online. In the picture below, she was seen reading a book with the inscription the boss baby. Which implies her schooling has begun in no time.

The Boss Baby Lola Burr

Since the father an American by nationality and her birthplace is New York City than its okay to admit she is American by birth. Because her parent is of mixed Ethnicity, then she is also a black like her parent. Speaking of career choice, its not sure if she is also going to take after her parent in the entertainment niche or she is going to take her time of the public just like her parent has been doing since her birth.

Nia Renee Hill pregnant
Nia Renee Hill pregnant


Every child’s dream is to have a caring and protective dad Lola Burr is lucky to have her Father Bill Burr looking after her. Her father, who is now 51 years of age claim he still wishes to be available to look after his daughter in the next 30 years in other to prevent her from marrying a jerk.

She has also been spending quality time with her parents, her mother to be precise takes her on vacation and holidays. Just as seen below, where the mother Renee is seen seated on a chair with Lola Burr in her carriage. A picture of her having fun with her mother on mother’s day was posted on Renee Instagram page. Her dad who is a born comedian jokingly mentioned the fact that it took about four months for Lola to finally recognized him as her father and it took about five months for her to adjust to the sight of himself and her mother.

Bill Burr daughter and her mom

How Old Is Lola Burr (Age, Height, Weight & Family)

  • Born on 20th January 2017 she is currently three years in 2020, and she will turn 4 in 2021
  • Lola Burr was born in Los Angeles, California to the family of Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill who have been married for over ten years.

Bill Burr Daughter

  • She has a height of 85.5 cm and a weight of 12.0 kg. However, she is just two years old; her body statistics are still susceptible to change as she grows and ages. But she presently has a chubby look which includes her thick Thighs.

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Bill Burr (Father):

William Frederic Burr popularly known as Bill Burr was given birth to on the 10th of  June 1968 in  Canton, Massachusetts where he grew up to become a stand-up comedian, American actor, and also does podcasts, hosting the Monday Morning Podcast and has five comedy album to his name. He got married to Nia Renee Hill in the October of 2013 and resided in Los Angeles, California alongside his family.

Nia Renee Hill (Mother):

On like her Husband Nia Renee Hill is an actress, filmmaker, and writer, Born on June 2, 1969. Her parent got divorced shortly after her birth making her live in Los Angeles with her mom and also switch to her dad’s sometimes. She met Bill Burr while the duo was working on a comedy in 2013 and they tie the knot later that year after going on few dates, Their marriage has result in a beautiful baby girl today Lola Burr.

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  • The baby is “bi-racial”. Not “BLACK” AND NOT “WHITE”! Acknowledge her for who she is. I have a biracial daughter and I never put more emphasis on one part of her ethnicity than the other! This is not the 1930s where you identify a biracial person as black as if it is some sort of stigma.

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