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Ever come across the name Lauren Chen? and you are left with the question of what’s the personality of the famous YouTuber Roaming Millennial. we have taken a lot of time to carefully research this article and covered every possible question you may have in mind ranging from how old is she, who is her fiance, Does she have a boyfriend or married, What is her biography which is not included on the famous wiki site Wikipedia. This won’t be all as facts regarding her personal life which include that of her mother and Brother will also be stated below.

Lauren Chen
Lauren Chen


Real Name / Full Name Lauren Chen / Lauren Elise Chen
Age  26 years old
Date OF Birth (Born)  1995
Country of Origin Canada
Nationality Hong Kong
Known As  Roaming Millennial (YouTuber)
Religion  Christianity
Ethnicity Half-Asian (Canadian & Hong Kong)
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches (1.7 m) tall
Fiance  Liam Donovan

Who Is Lauren Chen? (Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, Career & Awards)

The Self acclaim Jellybean mom, Roaming Millennial was born on as Lauren Elise Chen in 1995. The exact date of birth of the popular activist Youtuber not been made known. she was born in Canada in a Christian home then move to Hong Kong along with her parent at a very young age of 5. Growing up in a family which has an interest in political issues but are well to do in terms of their social life sparks up the motivation for Lauren towards being a Political and Culture commentator.

Much has not been said about her education but she was quoted from a tweet where she proclaimed that she although a trusted source claims and Lauren Chen also confirmed that She had a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic but the name of the institution was not disclosed. With consideration of the fact that she is raised in Hong Kong and born in Canada then its okay to stated that she is of a  Mixed Ethnicity of Canada and Hong Kong.

After her conversion from atheism to Christianity, Lauren Chen has made a bold claim about her salvation and conviction. She dedicated a whole video for this purpose describing her journey from being an atheist to being a Christian. While she was growing up Roaming Millennial believes in science and not God.  She also added that being a Christian does not mean she is going to encourage others to join the race.  Adding that everyone has the freedom to belong to any religion of their choice and Making emphasis on how Christians should be Politically and Socially oriented.


How Old Is Lauren Chen? (Age & Family, Mother, Father & Brother)

Roaming Millennial was born in 1995 in Canada to a Christian parent making her 26 years old in 2020 and she will turn 27 in the year 2021. Her real date of birth has not surfaced online and she has shied away from every question relating to how old is she and her date of birth whenever she is in an interview. She once posted on Twitter how her mother hurt her by asking what her date of Birth is, Stating that she does not know if she would recover from the hurt.


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Born into the family of 4 which comprises of the Father, Mother, Chen and her younger brother, they are a happy family who practices Christianity who’s the parent are not politically inclined. Lauren Chen also adds how the Roaming Millennial Channel has helped improve and inspire her mother with having an interest in political matters also with the fact that her brother also has an interest in social and Political matters.

Roaming Millenial Brother father and herself
Roaming Millenial Brother father and herself

Much has not been said about their father but a picture was posted by Roaming Millenial on Instagram of her father and mother on their Wedding Day.

Lauren Chen Father Mother on their wedding day
Lauren Chen Father Mother on their wedding day

There was also on her YouTube channel where she featured her younger brother on a chocolate review, In that video, she promised that her brother will be starting his channel sooner. Just that his name never sufficed online till date, she loves to keep her personal life off the socials.



What is Lauren Chen Body Stats? (Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color)

Who is Lauren Chen Fiance? (Boyfriend & Husband)

Liam Donovan Lauren Fiance
Liam Donovan Lauren Fiance

The question of who Lauren Chen is dating has left fans and follower in the dark for a long while now. The wait is finally over as Lauren’s fiance and boyfriend’s name is Liam Donovan. This news became valid when she posted what was supposed to be an engagement picture on her Instagram picture with a ring placed on her index finger. Although she cleared the issues regarding if she is single or has a boyfriend a long time ago by declaring to the public that she is engaged to a student who she makes more money than. Stating how she does not judge people based on what they can get for her.


Unheard and Controversial Facts

Roaming Millenial Dog JellyBean
Roaming Millenial Dog JellyBean

Below are other facts of Roaming Millennial which you need to know.

  • She attends a Baptist church despite the fact that she was born into a Catholic family (father is Catholic).
  • She Loves dog’s and she owns one named JellyBean
  • Lauren Chen gave her life to Christ at the age of 14
  • Roaming Millennial is more passionate about these topics: individual liberty, gender equality, and issues surrounding race.


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  • She went to byu university, but is not a member of the church the college requires to attend (nonmembers not included)

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