Kayja Rose Age, Wiki, Bio, Father, Mother & Unheard fact of Joe Rogan Daughter

The Fact that the Family of Joe Rogan and his wife Jessica Rogan having a Step Daughter named Kayja Rose is no longer news. Rose was actually Joe Rogan’s oldest daughter which was begotten to him as a product of Jessica Rogan Ex Marriage with Dino Conner. Another question regarding the lifestyle of Kayja Rose will be answered below as our team of Specialist has gathered every possible information on Joe Rogan’s Oldest daughter

Kayja Rose Dressed as Foxxy Cleopatra
Kayja Rose Dressed as Foxxy Cleopatra


Real Name Kayja Nichole Rose Rogan
Age 22 years old
Date OF Birth (Born)  August 23, 1998
Known as Music Artist
Nationality United State
Famous For Joe Rogan’s Oldest daughter
Biological Father Keven “Dino” Conner (died January 28, 2003)
Step Father  Joe Rogan
Mother Jessica Rogan

Who Is Kayja Rose (Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life)

Kayja Rose Joe Rogan Step Daughter
Kayja Rose Joe Rogan Step Daughter

Kayja Rose was born on the 23rd of August in the year 1998 to the family of Dino Conner who was her father and Jessica Lynne Schimmel happened to be Rose Mother. At that time her father Dino and Jessica Schimmel who is now married to Joe Rogan was reported to be dating. Just like her biological father she has the singing abilities and the ability to pull crowds on her own. She has been able to make good music on her own with tracks like “Lies”, “Sleepless” on her music collection. You can Listen to some of her music on her official Sound Cloud Page.

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Ever since the death of her Biological Father Dino Conner, she has been living with the Rogan’s. Joe Rogan took Rose in as her Stepdaughter when he married her mother Jessica Rogan making her Joe Rogan’s Oldest daughter.

Rose love for RnB music knows no bound as she makes RnB music as her genre of music. In one of her songs, she mentioned that she does not believe in having all. In one of her song titled as Daddy issues she mentioned that “Her Dads love them all”. Her dads’ fans are constantly praising her with what she has been able to achieve with her music just like her dad’s.

Rose and Mother Jessica Rogan
Rose and Mother Jessica Rogan

How Old Is Kayja Rose (Age & Family)

Born on 23rd of August in the year 1998 Nichole Rose Rogan is 22 years of age in 2020 and will turn 23 in the year 2021. As a kid who lost her dad earlier enough and living with her stepdad, she has always been positive and always happy. She now resides with Joe Rogan’s family her stepdad along with 2 siblings.

Kayja Rose Siblings (Joe Rogan’s Daughter & Son)

Kayja Nicole Rose is the eldest of Joe Rogan Daughter. Joe Rogan has been a little bit quiet on his family affairs although he once mentions his kids in one of his podcasts. He admitted having 3 kids (two daughters and a son) Kayja being the eldest is 21 years old and the others are 9 and 8 respectively. According to a Facebook comment, her sibling is named Lola & Rosy respectively.

Kayja Nicole Rose and siblings
Kayja Nicole Rose and siblings

Kayja Rose Parents (Mother, Step Father & Father)

Dino Conner with her Daughter Kayja Rose when she was young
Dino Conner with her Daughter Kayja Rose when she was young

She lost her dad Dino Conner at a very young age. Her biological father was Dino Conner who died in a motor accident in 2003 while driving along with his pregnant fiance Teysha Rae Weisant who was also pregnant at that time. This incident happened while the H-Town’s crew just finished recording their last album.

Jessica Schimmel Rogan marriage to comedian Joe Rogan in 2009 made Joe become a stepdad to Rose. the family has been reported living happily with no conflicts.

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