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Do you know apart from being Ali Wong husband only a few know that Justin Hakuta he is also a Filipino-Japanese and an Entrepreneur? it should be noted that Hakuta is not just an Entrepreneur but also a successful one who owns a technology company. Above all, he is also a son to Ken Hakuta (Dr. Fad) who is also a Tv Presenter. We have covered the full details of his lifestyle in this writing, Every question regarding the lifestyle of Dr. Fad son is available below.

Justin Hakuta
Justin Hakuta


Real Name Justin Hakuta
Age  37 Years
Date OF Birth (Born) October 18, 1982
Nationality American
Famous For Entrepreneur & Vice President at GoodRX
Net Worth $1.2 million
Ethnicity Filipino-Japanese
Height 5 Feet 8 inches.
Wife Alexandra “Ali” Wong M. 2014

Who Is Ali Wong Husband? – Justin Hakuta (Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life)

Early pictures of Justin Hakuta
Early pictures of Justin Hakuta

Justin Hakuta was Been giving birth to on the 18th of October, 1981 to the family of Ken Hakuta (Dr. Fad) and his mother Marilou Cantiller in Los Angeles, Califonia. He was raised in the family of five alongside 2 siblings (Aki and Kenzo) who are both males. A report has it that his Parent met while working at World Bank Philipines in the 70s and they both get married in 1977. His mother was working at the legal department before she met with Dr. Fad. Ali wong husband is known to be of the Japanese – Filipino ethnicity and he is also known by the public because of his relationship with one of the humorous Comedian we have seen in recent years.

While he was growing up, In 1994 to 2000 he attended Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. He moved on to study cognitive science, economics, and Mexican history at the Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico in 2002 for a year program which lasted till 2003.

This Article won’t be perfect if the fact that Ali Wong husband Justin Hakuta is a lover of education and he is also certified from a various learning institution. Justin’s education is not restricted to that at Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico as he further graduates with his Mba from Havard Business School which was inspired by his dad’s lifestyle. He also obtains a degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the study of Decision Science.  Above all, he also attains the Fulbright scholar ranking.

Being one of the few celebrities who rose to prominence with the fame of his wife. Justin Hakuta has been able to keep a low profile in the technology industry regardless of his family relationship with entertainment in the past. Justin has the attributes of that husband who is supportive of his wife success over the year. Majority of his post on social media has always been about his wife.

How old is Justin Hakuta (Age & Family)

Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong
Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong

Justin Hakuta was born on October 18, 1982, in the city of Los Angeles, California he is age 37 years in 2020 and will turn 38 in 2021. Being burn to the family of entertainer Dr. Fad with the full name Ken Hakuta is his father married to Marilou his mother in 1977 while working at world bank in Philippine. just like every other kid on the block, Justin grew up with his two male siblings Aki and Kenzo.

Dr. Fad a who was the pioneer of “The Dr. Fad Show” is the biological father of Justin Hakuta. Ken Hakuta became famous for being an innovator and as a result, he earned the popular name Dr. Fad in 1983 as a Tv personality. The famous kid Innovative show Dr. Fad came around in 1998 until 1994 which runs with a span of 6 years. Ken is also the owner of Mt. Lebanon Shaker collection which is a large group of shakers item. Over the year Dr. Fad was able to establish himself as a source that sparkes innovation amidst children for about 6 years, this is no doubt the reason behind (Justin Hakuta) his son’s success.

Ken Hakuta got married to Marilou in 1977 after they both met at their then working place The world bank as she was working as a research analyst in the legal section of the bank. After five years of their marriage, they begot a son who is known all over the world as Ali Wong husband.

Marriage with Ali Wong (Wife, Children, Family & Daughter)

Ali wong and her daughters
Ali Wong and her daughters

There’s this feeling you get when you finally found the love of your life, This is the story of Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong their marriage has been close to perfection because of the existence of love between them. Before making their love affairs official by getting wedded on November 27, 2014. The stand-up comedian and writer and his husband have been dating back to 2010. Ali and Justin got to know each other at a friends wedding. ever since then, the duos love chemistry has known no bound as they both love talking about one another.

Although this article is not directed to Ali Wong’s lifestyle, these few facts of Ali Wong should not be left out. Just like her husband Ali was born in  San Francisco, California to the family of Adolphus Wong and her mother, Tam “Tammy” Wong. Her father is an American born citizen but his ancestry traced back to China. Ali with the full name Alexandra Ali Wong is the youngest of four children.

From what is expected from every marriage. Ali’s marriage to Justin Hakuta in 2014 has been a fruitful and a successful one. There has not been any news of break up or conflict in the marriage on the news outlet. Their union has been blessed with two beautiful Daughters, having the first in 2015 then the second in 2017.

First Daughter Mari:

Ali Wong and Mari Wong Shopping
Ali Wong and Mari Wong Shopping

Mari Hakuta was born in 2015 as the first daughter of Justin Hakuta in 2017, she would be 4 years old in 2019, Mari was named after Kondo for the love her mom has for Kondo-ing. Ali Wong was quoted saying this when as why she named Mari after Marie Kondo.

“It’s much inspired by Marie Kondo, but not because I want her to be Marie Kondo”

There has not been much information regarding the birth of the second daughter of Justin Hakuta, Her name is not known to the public yet.

How Rich is Justin Hakuta (Net Worth)

Justin Net worth

As a successful entrepreneur, Justin Hakuna has been able to achieve the worth of $1.2 million. His first venture into entrepreneurship was traced back to August in 2004 when he started as he worked as Sales & Marketing Associate at Honest Tea to optimize the sale of teal to local mom and pop store owners for four months which lasted till November 2004.

Justin co-founded All Day Buffet in 2004 till 2006 which lasted for 2 good years. within the span of these two years, he was also able to work as a research analyst for the Center for Court Innovation in New York.

Justin worked with 7 other team members in 2006 at the Institute of International Education Manila, Philippines for two years in other to attain Fulbright Scholar. The research at the Institute of Internation Education leads to the successful creation of top-ranking Blog in the human trafficking information Niche.

He also interned as a Marketing and Operation Intern at the Seventh Generation for 3 months in 2009, where designed product for some web applications. in 2010 co-founded Avacara and also work as a lead product designer working with over 10 engineers to create problem-solving health and wellness platforms for four years and four months.

Subsequent to his work at Avarara he moved on to being a Product Strategist and UX Lead at DIRECTV- Digital Innovation Lab for over two years. Justin Hakuta became the Vice President- Young Alumni of Harvard Business School Association of Southern California in June 2014, occupying the position for another three years until June 2017.

The zeal of hard work has been evident in the lifestyle of Justin Hakuta as this has opened opportunities to him At GoodRx where he currently works as the Vice President of Product after moving from the rank of product manager prior his employment in August 2016. In total from estimation, Justin Hakuta is valued to worth $1.2 million from a reliable source.

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