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Every generation has its boys band and its members, singer Jonah Marais is a member of the famous boyband “Why don’t We (WDW).” In this article, every fact of the Singer is discussed in details below ranging from his Bio, wiki, age, early life, girlfriend, Parent (Mother & Father), Siblings (Brothers & sister), Education, Net worth and how he joined the band WDW.

jonah Marais

Quick Summary of Jonah Marais Biography

Full Name
Jonah Marais Roth Frantzich
22 years old
Date of Birth
June 16, 1998
Place of birth
Stillwater, Minnesota
Tatum Dahl
Parent: (Father & Mother)
Timothy & Carrie Frantzich
Net worth
$450,000 Approx
Height & Weight
6 feet 1 inch tall (154cm)/68kg
Tatum Dahl

Who Is Jonah Marais?

Every young boy who got talent is to become a celeb in years to come; Such is that of Jonah Marais whose music career took off from singing in front of a camera and his laptop into singing in front of a multitude. He is a soul singer and also one of the members of the famous boy’s band “Why Don’t We.” Jonah is one of the founding members of the WDW band alongside fellow members  Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, and Zach Herron. The 21 years old singer is currently signed to 26MGMT.

marais WDW band members
Marais WDW band members

Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, Rise to Fame, Full Name:

The musical sensation Full Name is Jonah Marais Roth Frantzich, Frantzich is his family name, but he is currently known as Jonah Marais as his stage name. Marais first taste of fame came in addy with the help of YouNow where he posts songs cover to have fun.

Schooling has been an issue which Jonah Marais has encountered on his journey to stardom. His education kicked start a the Stonebridge Elementary School, Movin on to Stillwater Junior High School in his hometown; some website also claims he attended Minneapolis before his decision to quit school.

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However, Before Jonah dropped out of high school, he made every effort to continue schooling even when he is becoming famous, and his music career workload is overweighing him. This happened during the 2014–15 school year when Jonah Marais would miss Monday and Friday class because of his involvement with a production company DigiFest. His parents agreed he would start online courses which were the last school he has attended till today.

The White American from Stillwater, Minnesota career took the same turn like that of his mentor Justin Beiber as he started with doing a cover on the video streaming platform YouNow. Although he claimed his first aim at using YouNow isn’t for musical purpose but to have fun like other teenagers where he will able to post funny video and read people comments.

When the opportunity came in Jonah Marais took it with joy as he posted the cover of “Thinking Out Loud” By Ed Sheeran on his YouNow page out of boredom. On the other hand, Marais never deny the fact that his most significant musical influence is listening to Ed Sheeran, and this is evident as he has performed a higher percentage of Ed Sheeran’s songs.

From posting cover songs,’ Jonah Marais Fan base on twitter grew to 10,000 in less than two months. Which led to his call up by DigiFest meeting Chad Grier in 2014 thereby he performs every week traveling from one city to another showcasing his talent.

Aside from his singing abilities, Jonah Marais is also in love with sports. He grew up playing Baseball with the hope of being a Major League Baseball player in the future. Although things didn’t turn out as planned but he still got he gaming abilities in him.

How Old Is Jonah Marais (Age & Family)

Jonah Marais Roth Frantzich, Frantzich was born on June 16, 1998, he is 22 years old in 2021 he will turn 23 in 2021 with Gemini as his birth sign. He was born in the small town Stillwater, Minnesota. Until he moved out to stay in Los Angeles, California with his band member Jonah Marais leaves with his parent and three siblings in their residential house.

Growing up in the family of Six, where there is an overflow of love and support has been a great motivation and a breakthrough for Jonah Marais. His father is Timothy Frantzich; Mother is Carrie Frantzich, Then his sibling’s names are listed respectively as Zebulon Wilder Frantzich, Esther Grace Frantzich & Svea Frantzich.

Timothy Carrie Frantzich with their son
Timothy Carrie Frantzich with their son

Father: Timothy Frantzich:

Born on June 5, 1963, Timothy Frantzich is a songwriter and singer under the stage name Brother Timothy. Unlike his son, who sings about love and women Tim as he is called is a Christian singer who released a cd in 2012 titled “Our Lost and Wild Daughter.” He is also tutored at the City of Lakes Waldorf School for four years teaching music.

Mother: Carrie Frantzich:

Unlike his dad, who is a musician Jonah’s Mother, Carrie Frantzich born on March 13, 1964, works as a certified midwife nurse in one of Stillwater’s Hospital. Apart from being a mother to her sons, she was also Jonah’s First manager until he got signed to 26 MGT. Some news channel claim she was diagnosed with Breast cancer back in July of 2013.

Zebulon Wilder Frantzich (elder brother):

Its distinct Jonah’s first introduction to music was as the influence of his dad and elder brother Zebulon Wilder Frantzich born on December 26, 1991, who is also a musician like his dad Tim.

Esther Grace Frantzich (younger sister):

Esther Grace Frantzich is the only one in the family who is taken the time of the music scene. Born on March 31, 2000, she is a 19 years old sister to Marais; She was also present at the Teen Choice Awards ceremony alongside his brother in 2016.

Svea Frantzich (younger sister):

The youngest member of the Frantzich family is Svea, and she was born on March 21, 2007, making her 12 years old in 2019. While her brother Jonah Plays baseball, on the other hand, Swea Plays Basketball for her school team; She was also present at their father’s performance Mendota Heights United Church of Christ singing along with him on June 2018.

Relationship & Personal Life (Girlfriend).

Funny how life turns out, Jonah Marais move from having celebrity crushes and being listed as celebrity crush to different girls from a mixed race. He is known to be in two relationships so far the first is the relationship with Dani Cimorelli, who happens to be the youngest member of the band “Cimorelli. This is believed to kick start in August 2014. However, the relation came to an end and lasted for just two months, which result in Dani’s track titled “Before October’s Gone.”

Another meaningful relationship is that of Tatum Dahl as both were seen hanging out together and were both exposed to their tweets. Below is a video showing evidence of their relationship. Its believe that he is currently dating Tatum Dahl.

Body Statistics (Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Tatoo)

The Major distinctive features of Jonah’s body is that of the tattoo of a palm tree on his right arm; His height is about 6 feet 1 inch tall which is equivalent to 154cm while his weight is 150 pounds 68kg. He has dark brown hair and a pair of distinctive green eyes.

Career, Awards & Net Worth

Jonah career takes a turn from making cover songs to producing Songs of his own. His first song I Meant It officially Dropped in 2015, and many listened to it thanks to his lovely lyrics accepted it. Also Going on tour with acts like Decin Hayes, Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier on tour sponsored by DigiFest in 2014.

In 2019 Jonah Marais net worth is $450,000 Approx. This is the estimation of the total money made from his music shows, Music sales with his WDW band, sponsorship deal and Youtube earning from the WDW official youtube channel.

Jonah Marais Playing Baseball
Jonah Marais Playing Baseball

Unheard Facts of Jonah Marais

  • Jonah definition of being successful and famous is when the so-called grandma is able to recognize who you are.
  • His favorites movie character is Harry Potter, and He loves coffee, favorite color is red. He swims and can also sing in Russian.
  • He has been able to help some of his fans with word of encouragement in the past, which includes assisting fans to battle with depression and suicide.
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  • JOnah wished my grandaughter , VIvian, a 14th Happy Birthday of which I am very thankful for. He took the time out of his day to make someone very happy. Kudos to him for caing about others.

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