Jessica Rogan – Joe Rogan’s Wife, Kids, Family, Net worth & Unbelievable Facts

Jessica Rogan Joe Rogan wife
Jessica Rogan Joe Rogan wife

It should longer be news as you know that Joe Rogan is a well to do comedian who is also an actor. Few of the comedian lifestyle would be mentioned below ranging from his Wife known as Jessica Rogan, his Kids and many more. I have also taken some effort to include unheard Facts about Jessica Rogan and her Husband Joe Rogan.

Although she happens to be an American cocktail waitress who is also a famous Tv Presenter. She has also worked in past as an assistant producer in the making of the “Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed” Documentary.

Who is Jessica Rogan (Joe Rogan’s Wife Wiki)?

The name Jessica Rogan might and Might not ring a bell when mentioned. But its obvious the tag Rogan shows her connection to a great comedian Joe Rogan. Her relationship and connection to Joe Rogan would be made to know before the end of this writing.

Tv Presenter Formerly knows as Jessica Schimmel now known as Jessica Rogan is a wife to the comedian Joe Rogan. Jessica was given Birth to on the 28th of July year 1978 (40 Years old as of today). She was born in Scottsdale, Arizona to the family of the Schimmels. Her father’s name is Robert and on the other hand, her mother is Vicki, although our report at Kids age show she lives with her step Mother Melissa Schimmel. Being of Mixed Ethnicity she is also a native of America and her Zodiac Sign is Cancer.

Regarding her education, many have not been said online. But its been noted that after completing her high school she moves on to the University of Arizona, she got a degree in psychology in the prestigious university above.

When she was 21 her father Robert Schimmel who is her main source of inspiration married her friend Melissa Roberts. Reports have it that Jessica Rogan felt awkward for her friend to become her stepmother.

Jessica Rogan got a perfect shape of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 52 kilos accompanied by blonde hair, White skin, and crystal gray eyes. This quality makes her a good fit for her job of American Cocktail waitress.

Moreover only a few knew that Jessica Rogan grew up having six siblings.


Joe Rogan Biography (Wiki)

Joe Rogan during The 10th Annual U.S. Comedy Arts Festival
Joe Rogan during The 10th Annual U.S. Comedy Arts Festival

Joseph James Rogan is not a name that would ring would sound strange to your hearing. The stand-up comedian Being given birth to on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. James Rogan was born to the family of Joseph Rogan his father and who got separated with his wife while he was still as young age (Five Years old). Reports have it that Joe does not have a solid relationship with his dad. He once said in an interview

“All I remember of my dad are these brief, violent flashes of domestic violence … But I don’t want to complain about my childhood. Nothing bad ever really happened to me … I don’t hate the guy.”

His dad left them while he was age seven. Joe Rogan attended Newton South High School as a result of his family moving from San Francisco, California to Gainesville, Florida while he was Eleven years of age (11). Joe Rogan graduated from Newton South High School in the year 1985.

While still an early teen Joe Rogan took interest in martial art because it was the only thing that gave him hope as at that time. At fourteen (14) he developed an interest in karate 🥋 and also represented in taekwondo competition. Being a fast learner he won the lightweight version of US Open Championship tournament at nineteen. He retired from karate at the age of 21 after having suffered from frequent headaches and feared worse.

Joe Rogan was a drop out from the University of Massachusetts Boston. He dropped out because he found it pointless and unimportant to be in the university.

Jessica & Joe Rogan’s Family (Kids & Parents)

Knowing who Jessica Rogan is and her husband Joe Rogan its time to get busy with their family affairs. Fast forward to 2008 report has it that Joe Rogan had a daughter with his girlfriend Jessica at that time. A light was shared about the relationship earlier in 2009 when Joe Rogan and then Jessica Schimmel came to the public to announce their wedding and love life. They both get married in 2019 making Jessica Schimmel turn Jessica Rogan as a result of being Joe Rogan’s wife. Joe being Step Father to Jessica’s daughter from her previous relationship with a Canadian man. In 2010 Joe and Jessica Rogan gave birth to another daughter.

Jessica Rogan with her 3 daughters on the street
Jessica Rogan with her 3 daughters on the street

The family of the Rogan’s are blessed with three kids with all being female. The eldest being Kayla was given birth to outside wedlock to a Canadian father from Jessica Rogan’s previous relationship. The other two daughters name are not known to the public yet.

How Rich is Jessica Rogan (Net worth)

The next question to pop up in your curious mind is how rich is Jessica Rogan? Is she getting all the attention because she is Joe Rogan’s wife?

The truth be told is that Jessica Rogan has been able to make a name for herself outside her husband’s fame. She is known to be ex American Cocktail waitress back in the 90s. She also worked in the post of product analyst for the company Volvo Motorsports. Jessica Rogan net worth is estimated at $1 million which includes her assets and income.

Although she got benefits from being wife to a man who is worth $25 million from his professional acting career since 1988.

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