Jeff Nippard Height, Girlfriend, Age, Weight, Wiki & Net Worth

You might be wondering why the name Jeff Nippard keeps popping up when searching for the list of prolific bodybuilders on the popular platform YouTube. Every detail about this active bodybuilder would be made mention of below. Our group of admins at has put together unheard facts of Jeff Nippard from a different genuine source online.

Jeff Nippard Height
Jeff Nippard Height


Real Name Jeff Nippard
Age 29 Years Old
Date OF Birth (Born)  6, 1990
Country of Origin Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Source of Wealth YouTube (Professional Body Building)
Weight 180 lbs
Height 5 Feet 5 inches (164 cm) tall
Net Worth $220,000

Jeff Nippard Wiki

Jeff Nippard is a Professional Bodybuilder who came into limelight with sharing video clips of himself on YouTube. As a graduate with a Bachelor in Biochemistry from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Jeff started his YouTube channel with the aim of providing full insight into a drug-free bodybuilding. His inspiration for starting a Science-based and Informative Channel on YouTube was derived from close working with professionals and people who derive joy from living a healthy life the science building muscle and losing fat. Jeff Nippard in one of his post makes mention of how he gain experience from working in the field with experts.

Only a few have been said regarding the early life of Jeff as his first appearance on the internet was in 2012. He was awarded Mr. Junior Canada 2012 while he makes his first debut as a Power-lifter as a 19-year-old teenager. Mr. Junior Canada is a prestigious award for weightlifters in the region of Canada. At this time he was under the guidance of Dr. Layne Norton

At some point in his life, Jeff Nippard was admitted to Dalhousie University to study as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. He defers this admission to pursue his passion which is to be a Body Building trainer and coach after spending just two years at the institute.

Jeff Nippard has been juggling his knowledge as a graduate in Biochemistry with his experience while on the field (Gym, Coaching, Training) together in other to help others attain their desired body shape. With the help of this knowledge, he has been able to achieve great success with his YouTube channel helping people.

Only a few know that Jeff is also a co-founder of STRCNG (STRCNG is an online based fitness coaching platform) alongside his ex-girlfriend Robin Gallant. He also started the Nutrition based YouTube Channel IceCream4PRs.

One of his recently held interviews he makes mention his intention of holding Ph.D. in exercise science or any of its related course. Jeff Nippard did not exclude the fact that he loves training in an academic setting. He moves on to add that from the past achievement he has been able to train women’s bikini and men’s bodybuilding national and provincial champions. Among those that he coached are professional natural bodybuilders and nationally and IPF Worlds qualified raw power-lifters.

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How Tall Is Jeff Nippard (Height, Weight)

Jeff Nippard Body Measurement
Jeff Nippard Body Measurements

Above all, the next thing followers ask about Jeff Nippard is his Height, Weight, and Body Measurement. Regarding his height, Jeff is 5 feet, 5 inches tall which is also equivalent to 164 cm tall (at cm tall its evident that he is has a short height). From an Instagram post made by himself, he boasts of achieving his desired body weight which is 180 lbs after a series of hard-work.

Who is Jeff Nippard Girlfriend

Many of his fans and followers on social media platforms has been left in the dark regarding who is Jeff Nippard’s Girlfriend. There have been different rumors out on who he is actually dating few will be mention here.

Stephanie Buttermore
Stephanie Buttermore

Amidst rumors of dating Robin Gallant, Jeff is out to announce they broke up and he is current with his new girlfriend Stephanie Buttermore. Stephanie Buttermore is also a YouTube star but unlike her Boyfriend, she has her Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology. Stephanie based her study and research on molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression.

Stephanie Buttermore is a 27 years old YouTuber who is more driven by her passion for fitness and her research on the molecular mechanisms driving ovarian cancer (OC). over the years she has been able to proclaim herself as a successful social Media user who has been able to transform from the academic world to sharing her personal life on the social media (YouTube especially) with her boyfriend Jeff Nippard.

Robin Gallent
Robin Gallant

On the other hand, we can but mention Jeff’s Ex Robin Gallant. Robin Gallant is also a YouTuber like the others but she is strictly into the Bikini Fitness Niche. In an Interview, Robin Gallant stated that she is also a Drug-free bodybuilder and she has no butt implantation. Robin, on the other hand, studied engineering and mechanics during her BSc and she Co-founded STRCNG  along with Jeff.

How Old Is Jeff Nippard (Age)

Jeff Nippard in a work out session with His mum
Jeff in a work out session with His mum

Jeff Nippard who became famous for being a Body Builder and sharing his training videos on YouTube was born on a bright Saturday, October 61990, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Jeff is 29 years old (age) as of this writing in 2020. Libra happens to be his zodiac sign and according to Chinese zodiac, he was giving birth to in the Year of the Horse (This Popular Myrth is as a result of the belief that people who are born in this year are easy going and warm hearted).

Few have been published online regarding his parents. but some years back he made a post with the caption “My mom and I hit a BRUTAL upper body workout together!! She pushed me hard in this one”. Alongside a video showing him in a workout session with the woman who is supposed to be his Mother.

On mother’s day in 2016, Jeff also made this Instagram post below thanking his mum for being in a workout session with him, Making the claim that he .got the best mum ever.

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How Rich is Jeff Nippard (Net Worth)

There have been questions regarding Jeff Nippard Networth. His followers have constantly been asking about how rich is Jeff Nippard?, what is his Net Worth.

Although no official evaluation has been made regarding is worth but estimation shows he is worth $220 thousand ($220,000). His only known source of income is his Youtube channel where he makes money from advertisement revenues along with his affiliate sale.

is Jeff Nippard Body Build Natural?

Jeff Nippard weight Lifting
Jeff Nippard weight Lifting

There have been many speculations online regarding if Jeff Nippard Body Build is Natural or it’s Natty. Its obvious that his body shape was achieved from tons of Body building training. To many that have doubt is he if its natural or natty, the answer is YES he achieved his muscle from hard- work

5 Unheard Fact’s of Jeff Nippard

we would like to share with you a few of those things which are not known to the public on the lifestyle of the YouTube Star Jeff Nippard below.

  • Jeff’s favorite food is Kiwi Fruit (this help him stay healthy)
  • when he is not lifting weights and training he loves listening to Music and also derives interest in Philosophy
  • While in training he listens to Vince Staples collections of the song (with “Samo” and “Yeah Right” being his favorite).
  • Whenever he packs his Gym bag he always includes Wireless Headphones, Light Snack, 10mm Lever Belt, workout tools and a notebook.
  • Jeff Reads for about 30 Minutes daily every morning.

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