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What a rare privilege being so famous at a very young age, Jacob Sartorius is been known for being an internet sensation and also a singer. Ever heard of the track Sweatshirt? then that’s Jacob Sartorius. Jacob was known o break out with posting Music covers on a musical platform. Our Team of experts has put together quality information regarding the lifestyle of Sartorius which includes Fact like his age, Height, Girlfriends and his net worth.

Jacob Sartorius


Real Name Rolf Jacob Sartorius.
Age 17 years old.
Date OF Birth (Born) October 2, 2002
Place of Birth Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nationality American
Net Worth $3 million
Girlfriend Millie Bobby Brown
Parents Pat Sartorius, Mother & Rolf Sartorius, Father
Height 5 feet 8 inches Tall (173 cm)
Siblings Caroline Sartorius

Who Is Rolf Jacob Sartorius (Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life)

Rolf Jacob Sartorius was born on October 2, 2002, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Things didn’t go as planned for his biological parent financially so after his birth he as put up for adoption by his biological parent. he was adopted by the family of Rolf and Pat Sartorius who leaves with their only daughter Caroline Sartorius.

In his recent interview, he tagged his adopted family as the “Most loving Family in the world”. Upon his adoption, he was named after his grandfather “Rolf” the same as his father’s. Moreover, Jacob has been avoiding the name “Rolf” as he says its a family tradition he does not like.

Early life of Jacob Sartorius
The early life of Jacob Sartorius

Jacob has not always been a fan of education as the report of bullying keeps increase even till after his Internet breakout. He  Jacob Sartorius has been a victim of bully both online and offline. He has been compared to become the next young star to step into the shoes of musical icon Justin Beiber, This was actually because Justin Beiber also rose to prominence by posting lip sync songs to music streaming Platform.

Children in school have been a victim of bullying over the year, with Jacob Sartorius also in this category. As a result of being Bullied while in school Jacob opt-in for studying online. He has also made a strong contribution to the Anti – Bullying community by putting out music which spread the message of Anti-Bulling.

Just like every normal kid Jacob Sartorius has his own personal Ailment. In 2016 he was diagnosed with Asthma after he had an asthma attack on YouNow in December. He was also a speaker at March for our lives in Los Angeles a campaign which was in support of Gun shooting control. Its no doubt that Jacob is a lover of cats, he owns two cats named Godzilla and Josie.

Declaring his Love for music at the age of 7 because of his ability to connect with people with his music. Jacob Sartorius has Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande as a list of his celebrity crush and he plans to Get married at the age of 25.  He also added that he would not want to swim in the ocean because of the fear of shark swimming in the same ocean as his.

  How Old Is Jacob Sartorius (Age & Family)

Rolf Jacob Sartorius was born on October 2, 2002, making him 17 years of age in 2020 and will turn 18 in 2020. He grew up in a family of four, which include his father Rold Sartorius, Mother, Pat Sartorius and his only siblings Caroline Sartorius in the city of Reston Virginia.

Despite being an adoptive child his adoptive Mother Pat Sartorius has been in support of his dreams right from the onset. In the past, Pat has been present in most of Jacob Sartorius vine videos and she has constantly become an integral part of her son’s life managing most of his social media activities.

Jacob Sartorius Family from the Left is Rolf Sartorius Caroline Sartorius Pat Sartorius
Jacob Sartorius Family (from the Left is Rolf Sartorius, Caroline Sartorius & Pat Sartorius)

On the other hand, Jacob’s Father Rolf Sartorius has been behind the scene when it comes to the success of Jacob Sartorius. He works as CEO of Social Impact Company (SI), a company located in Virginia a company that was founded alongside other enthusiasts. While he previously works as a teacher in the past working at the Georgetown University as a Foreign Service Lecturer.

Caroline Sartorius is 6 years older than Jacob. Unlike her adoptive brother, Caroline has been able to gather attention to herself from the public because of her adorable physical body structure moving from the position of an aspiring singer’s singer to being a social media star. She has been able to gather over 400,000 active Instagram fan base in the past few years since her brother Jacob Sartorius rose to stardom.

Caroline Sartorius and her Brother Jacob
Caroline Sartorius and her Brother Jacob

Jacob Sartorius Body Measurement (Height, Weight) 

Facts relating to body measurement of Jacob is given below he is believed to be 5’8″ tall equivalent to 173 cm tall and a relatively normal height a 16-year-old can get and the weight is equivalent to 50kg. Jacob posses a brown hair with a hazel hair color

Who is Jacob Sartorius Dating? (Relationship, Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend)

There has been rumor spreading around of his relationship with his lover with the name Millie Bobby Brown. Its no longer news that The Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and Sweatshirt singer Jacob Sartorius are officially dating as both have been seen hanging out with one another for over 7 months now. Although there has been an unverified new about the duo breaking up which was started by a popular news media outlet with Jacob reportedly cheating on Millie Bobby Brown.

Jacob Sartorius Millie Bobby Brown seen Spending quality times to get by the beach
Jacob Sartorius Millie Bobby Brown Spending quality times to get by the beach

How Rich is Jacob Sartorius (Net Worth & Career)

The wealth that comes from being musically talented knows no bound as Jacob Sartorius believed to currently worth $3 Million which is an estimation from the income he makes on his music sales and social media promotions in 2019. He earns a lot from his endorsement deals and advertisement revenues from his social media pages.

Jacob Sartorius Relationship
Net Worth

Amazing Facts of Jacob Sartorius

Here are the five amazing facts you will not find elsewhere online. we have taken our time to make detail research regarding the lifestyle of Jacob Sartorius who was known for his effort on “Sweatshirt”.

  • His Third single was released the same date he is celebrating his birthday.
  • Rolf is a family tradition of the Sartorius given to all first male
  • On the 17th of August in 2014, he posted his vine video directed against bullying.
  • Jacob is among the 10 to 20% of the world population that can wiggle their ear.
  • He has the hidden ability of Juggling.


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