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Speaking of Male change to female, The name Dr. Lynette Nusbacher can’t be left out as every detail about him is discussed below. This is the right article for you to read if you search on Aryeh Nusbacher’s lifestyle, biography and specific details on his transformation into a female. On the other hand, you are also on the right page if you are interested in knowing who is his wife, Children and his new look (before and After).

Dr Lynette Nusbacher
Dr. Lynette Nusbacher


Full Name Lynette Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher
Age 53 Years Old
Date OF Birth (Born) December 17, 1966
Birth Place New York City
wife Melanie Bright (M. 1998)
Known for Transgender
Gender Transgender, Female
Religion Christianity
 Net Worth $1.3 Million

Who Is Dr. Lynette Nusbacher?

Popularly known for his transformation from being a man with the name Dr. Aryeh Nusbacher which was later changed upon her transitioning from a man to a woman as Dr. Lynette Nusbacher now a famous military Historian. without leaving out the fact that she also publishes so books on her research.

Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality.

Born in New York City, United States of America with the full name as Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher into a Christian Jewish family. Being a Jewish she has constantly shown her interest in building, empowering the young mind and preserving the Jewish culture and history with her contributions owing to the fact that she is a historian.

The fact that she was well educated and attends a lot of institution should not be a piece of news this is very evident in her CV. Although the information on her primary education has been withheld from the public for reason best known to her. Dr. Lynette Nusbacher started her schooling effort by Admitted to the University of Toronto to study Economics and History in 1988.

She proceeds to Royal Military College to study War Studies discipline where she got her master’s degree in 1994 after getting her Bachelor’s Degree in the study of Economics & History. Lynette Nusbacher then moves on to attain Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Oxford where she got the title (DR).

Lynette love for gaining knowledge made her attends other institutions like National School of Government and the Cranfield School of Management where she learned about leadership and organization in 2009 t0 2010.

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How Old Is Dr. Lynette Nusbacher? (Age & Family)

Dr. Lynette Nusbacher
Dr. Lynette Nusbacher

Dr. Lynette Aryeh Nusbacher was born on the 17th day of December 1966 in New York City, USA. The fact She was born in 1996 makes her 53 years old in 2020 and she will be 54 in 2021.

She was born into the family of what was rumored to be a family of 4 which includes her mother, father, Brother and herself. Her birth name was Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher until she transformed into a woman in 2008 and add the name Lynette to her name.

Real facts of Lynette Nusbacher’s family has been kept away from the public. Although some wiki sites such as kidages.com made a post where they claim the supposed name Maines does not belong to that of Nusbacher’s family. They claim the name “Jonas Maines” happen to be her brother but were able to prove that Janas Maines has a transgender brother named Nicole Maines. Those sites also claimed that Kelly Maines is the mother while Wayne Maines the mother.

So far the real identities of the Military Expert parent and brother have not to been confirmed.

Dr. Lynette Nusbacher’s Gender Transformation (Before and After)

Dr. Aryeh Nusbacher transformation from a man to woman to become Dr. Lynette Nusbacher has given rise to questions regarding her gender and more details on her transformation. Her transitioning into a female make her gender that of a female and thereby she is referred to as HER.

As an individual who has constantly battle with the issue of gender since a tender age possessing a body of a male but neuron reaction of a female. Lynette Nusbacher finally decided on making these changes completely which is why she went through a successful gender reassignment surgery in 2007.

Although the famous historian Lynette Nusbacher has not given any public statement on her reasons for the surgery. Its believed that this surgery was done while she was teaching at the Royal Military Academy.

Peter Pearson the school’s Major General at that time requested every student to address her as “Ma’am”. Enforcing punishments to any student who gave negative comment or speech about her transition.

Coming across popular member in the LGBT  community is not what you see every day,  Lynette ended up in the 53rd, 68th, and 77th position respectively of the Pink List (Top 100 most influential member of LGBT).

Relationship & Personal Life (wife & Children).


Unlike other transgender Lynette Nusbacher is well settled maritally before her transformation to woman, with a wife and a child.

Wife: Melanie Bright

Nusbacher wife Melanie Bright has kept details about her personal life from the media and blogs. The duo met in 1997  and started dating, Then got married on June 7th, 1998.

Melanie bright is an actress who has featured in couples of movies like The Two Wolves, Guilt and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and many more. A report has it that they met while Lynette was studying for a Ph.D. in History.

Upon celebrating their 20 years anniversary together has couple Melanie Bright took down every attempt of media to get a glimpse of what’s going on in the family. She claims details about Lynette Nusbacher should remain private.

There have been controversies surrounding the number of children which was the couple has given birth to in the past. Many wiki site claims they have two children (a son and a daughter). While another claim she has just one Child which is a son.

Career, Awards & Net Worth

You might be wondering how much Dr. Lynette Nusbacher worths and how rich is she judging from the level of education she has achieved. According to a source she is believed to worth a whopping sum of $1.3 million as she has been able to build up a huge portfolio for herself.

In 1988 Dr. Lynette Nusbacher got what was known to be her first employment as she works as an administrator at the University of Toronto. Then working as the Logistic officer at the Canadian Armed Forces in 1994 after working for six years as an administrator. Moving on to the post of senior lecturer at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst in 1999. She quit the position of a senior lecturer after 13 years of service in 2013. Lynette has also worked as a private tutor to the royal family having Prince William and Prince Harry! as his students.

Interesting & Unheard Facts

  • She is 5′ 6″ or 167 cm tall
  • Lynette got her name listed 3 consecutive times in the LGBT society in 2010-13
  • She enjoys visiting London for the holidays and eating delicious seafood.
  • She Prefers Pink to every other color making Pink her favorite.


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