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Our next stop is the lifestyle of the famous singer Bo Burnham. To all who have not been able to get quality information about his, this writing is for you to read. Our team of experts has taken time to deliver this piece of writing just to answer all questions regarding the life of Burnham. questions like who is he dating (wife and girlfriend), Net worth, amidst many other questions will be answered.

Bo Burnham Bio
Bo Burnham Bio


Real Name Robert Pickering Burnham
Age  29 years old
Date OF Birth (Born) August 21, 1990
Country of Origin American (USA)
Nationality American
Famous For comedian, musician, actor, filmmaker and poet (YouTube)
Net Worth $4 million
Place Of Birth Hamilton, Massachusetts
Height 6 Feet 5 inches tall (195.58 cm)
Zodiac Sign Leo

Who Is Bo Burnham (Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life)

Early Pictures of Bo Burnham
Early Pictures of Bo Burnham

Robert Pickering Burnham (Bo Burnham) was born on 21 of August in the year 1990. Known for being involved in many things like comedian, musician, actor, filmmaker and poet Although he came to limelight while one of his videos went viral on youtube in 2016.

Bo was born on 21st August 1990, in Hamilton Massachusetts, USA. While also being the youngest of all three children (a elder brother, Pete and sister, Samm) he attended all boys St. John Preparatory school in Danvers, Massachusetts which happens to be his home town. At a very tender age Robert Pickering has been involved with Drama and campus ministry events. He received a lot of attention from his parents (his father Scott who was a North Shore construction company owner and the mother Patricia who was also a  Nurse in 1990) being the youngest. His mothers occupation was shadowed in the 2014 episode of “This America Life” (this is a journalistic non-fiction program hosted by Iris Glass).

As part of Bo Burnham’s involvement in school social activiities, He graduated with the honor roll from St. John Preparatory School in 2008. He actually deffer an admission to Study Experimental art in the New York University Tisch School of the Arts for one year in other to pursue a career in comedy.

Towards Christmas day in 2006, 21 Dec 2006 to be precise Bo Burnham posted the video above to YouTube with no intentions of going viral. Lucky enough for him that video fired Robert Pickering to stardom as the video has generated 10,321,405 views as of 19th of February in 2019. This video was titled “My Whole Family” being the first video he posted on YouTube to generate massive views. At that time he posted all his YouTube video right in his bedroom without changing his camera position.

His mother Patricia was not totally in support of this at first as she would scream Bo Burnham to take off his crappy videos off the internet just like every other parent would do. On the brighter side his Dad Scott admits that video were “a little at first” but he was not bothered about it because it didn’t take over his life.

Pickering claimed he has always wanted to be a comedian and actor on the eve to one of his performance in London. He also added that he only used music as a medium to be known by many. Even as at he age of three (3) he has been performing around the house at what is said to be “Bo Show”

How Old Is B0 Burnham (Age & Family)

Bo siblings Family
Bo siblings Family

However many of his fans are not aware of the fact that Bo Burnham was born in August 21, 1990 and he is 29 years of age as of 2020. and will turn 30 years old in 2021 At the age of 3 he has been practising to be a commedian while trying to make his family member laugh at every Joke from his then Bo Shows. His father who’s name is Scott Burnham is north side construction company owner, while on the other hand Bo’s M0ther Patrica works as a nurse and her work featured in 2014 episode of “This America Life”. Being the last of three Children of two boys and a Girl. His oldest brother named Pete graduated from Cornell University while his older sister Samm also attended the Suffolk Law School.

How tall is Bo Burnham (Height, Weight & Body Measurement)

You might be wondering how tall he is? and at the same time you might want to know what is boy Measurements are. Bo Burnham is just 6 feet 5 inches tall which is also equivalent to 196 cm. although other body measurements has not been certified but he is believed to weigh 104 lbs.

How is Bo Burnham Dating (Girlfriend) & Is Bo Burnham Married (Wife).

Bo Burnham and Lorene Scafaria
Bo Burnham and Lorene Scafaria

There has always been rumor and speculation about Bo Burnham dating a snap chat star this fact has not been confirmed by the Youtube star himself. The fact that he has been dating Lorene Scafaria for over 5 years has also not been confirmed by Bo as all has remain rumors. Despite his proffessional success details being known be many he has been able to keep his relationship and marriage private. as of this writing Bo Burnham is not Married and not with any girlfriends.

Is Bo Burnham Gay (Gay Rumour)

Judging from his musical lyrics its easy to believe that Bo Burnham is a gay which he actually not. he has composed song in the past where he talk about homosexuality as he sees nothing wrong with it. but the fact remains that he is not Gay.

Favourite Quotes of Bo Burnham (Poems)

We have been able to stumble on few of Burnham’s favourite quotes we will be sharing with you just three from his list of popular quotes.

  • Once a week, I like to slip into a deep existential depression where I lose all my sense of oneness and self-worth.

  • You can give poor people this royal wedding to watch and make them feel good about themselves, or you can give them something useful like, I don’t know… a toaster.

  • I remember being superyoung, like nine or ten years old, and thinking, ‘Man, I wonder what famous people eat for breakfast. They must have some special kind of cereal!’ My mind was so warped by the idea of fame.

if feel compelled to get more of the Comedian & YouTube star quotes you can log on to and search for Bo Burnham’s Quotes.

How Rich Is Bo Burnham (Net Worth & Career)

However Bo’s net worth has been estimated to be $4 million although, this has not been certified officially. He might be know for many things including posting videos online and being a comedian but in the light of today he is more involved with a Directing role as he just debuts his movie titled “Eight Grade”.

In 2007 Burnham signed a 4 years recording deal with Comedy Central Records releasing his first comedy Ep (Bo For So) under the record in 2008. Move on in 2009, 2010 he released “Bo Burnham” his first full album and “Words for Words” respectively. His third album “What” was debuted on his official YouTube channel alongside Netflix.

Unheard Facts of Bo Burnham

a avid dog lover
He is avid dog lover

Are you ready to explore more facts about Bo Burnham that has not been uncovered by other websites. We have filled this space up with unheard fact about the comedian who is more into movie directing now.

  • He has two siblings, Pete and Samm
  • His older brother and sister think he’s a comic genius whenever he make them laugh.
  • Before he got accepted to Burnham applied to New York University of arts (NYU), he has previously applied to University of Southern California (USC), and Yale University.
  • At age 3, he was performing skits at his house titled as Bo Shows
  •  George Carlin and Richard Pryor are his inspiration as he listed to thier classic rock and boomer-generation comedy.
  • he also developed interest in puns, palindromes, and other forms of wordplay.
  • His older brother Pete, gaduated at Cornell University.
  • His older sister, Samm, was also student at Suffolk Law School and she happens to be his first listener whenever she makes a skit.
  • Zach Stone was his first unsuccesfull adventure as his MTV cancelled after just one episode.

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