Ariel Winter Weight loss, Age, Net Worth, Height, Feet, Boyfriend & Breast Reduction

Over the year numerous of American voice actress has evolved with the inclusion of Ariel Winter on the list. She became famous for various roles which include the voice behind movies like Alex Dunphy (a Smart teenager who is also a nerd) on the Modern Family. Below is a comprehensive and well-written article based on the lifestyle of Crystal Workman’s daughter ranging from her Feet, Age, Net Worth, Shorts, facts of when she was Young, who is she dating, her Boyfriend & Breast Reduction


Real Name Ariel Winter Workman
Age 22 years old
Date OF Birth (Born) January 28, 1998
Place of Birth  Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Net Worth $12 million
Boyfriend Levi Meaden
Parent Crystal Workman & Glenn Workman
Height 5 Feet 1 Inch tall (155cm)
Siblings Jimmy Workman, Shanelle Workman

Who Is Ariel Winter (Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early life & young)

Ariel Winter Biography
Ariel Winter Biography

Not everyone will get lucky to be famous before 21 years, Ariel Winter was born in the city of Los Angeles, California on the 28th of January 1998. Just like every other kid, her real name is Ariel Winter Workman born into the family of Glenn Workman and his beloved wife Crystal workman alongside two siblings (details of her family will be discussed later in this writing).

Born to a German and English father Genn Workman and a Mother who is Greek, Ariel Winter is of American nationality and mixed ethnicity. Describing how her mother treated her Ariel Winter tagged it as a bad chapter of life. She was sexualized at a very young of seven (7) by her mother Crystal Workman, stating that her mother would have made her pose for nude if the opportunity arose, and almost starving her for this same reason.

Ariel’s sister Shanelle Workman received custody in 2014 while the pressure from her mother is becoming unbearable and reportedly having negative effects on her career. In 2015 she claimed became emancipated from her parent on a social media post.

She once stated that her reason for going to college is to be skilled at something else adding to the fact that she has always wanted to become a lawyer. She applied to Yale and Princeton, But 0n September in 2017 she got accepted to study at the famous UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) majoring in Political Science flooding her social timeline in 2016 with this news. Fast forward to six months after her freshman at UCLA started she reportedly paused her admission based on the facts that she needed to live a life of her own and pursue her career at the same time Although she added that she would definitely continue learning as its an important aspect of her life with the fact that she also loves being in college.

Noting that attending college as a celebrity has its own disadvantage with Ariel Winter tweeting on the 28th of September in 2017 that “Well the paparazzi of the first day at school successfully ruined my first day at school”

How Old is Ariel Winter (Age & Family) 

Ariel Workman and her family
Ariel Workman and her family

Ariel Winter is 22 years old in 2020 and she will turn 23 in the year 2021, Born on the 28th of January 1998 to the family of Genn & Crystal in the city of Los Angeles. She grew up with her family and two siblings Jimmy Workman & Shanelle Workman until becoming emancipated in 2015 at the age of seventeen (17). She fell victim of being sexualized at a young age of seven by her mother as a result of the late-night parties she attends with her mom and dressing on mini skirts and short wears.

Ariel Winter and her Dad Genn Workan
Ariel Winter and her Dad Genn Workan

Ariel Winter’s Mom:

Her mother, Crystal Workman played a very important role in her career being the reason for her being sexualized and landing her first role at the Modern Family courtesy of her father who is not usually around the house. Her mother has denied that fact that she abused her daughter in the public number of times. She claimed that her actions were as a result of wanting her to look beautiful dress like a smart young girl.

Crystal Workman
Crystal Workman

Ariel Winter’s Siblings (Jimmy Workman & Shanelle Workman):

Shanelle Workman now married to David Barry Gray refers to Ariel as her best friend and a smart kid while growing up. She also an actress famous for the role of Layla in the movie “Blackout” has not in any way being of their mother’s support of how she treats her daughter all because she wants to be in the headlines. Shanelle Gray is now married with two beautiful daughters of her own today.

On the other hand, Jimmy Workman who is also an actor played Pugsley in the movie series “The Addam’s Family” filled in to take custody of his sister in 2015. The family came to an agreement of the sister Shanelle Gray taking custody in 2014 with the initial claim that Shanelle is only interested in their younger sister Ariel fame and fandom.

Ariel Winter Body Measurements (Breast Size, Feet, Height, Weight, Eye Color & Hair Color)

Having been bullied on the internet for her body size it should be noted that Ariel winter height is 5’1″ weighing 61 kg, her the breast size is 34D, Her hair color is a natural blonde but she occasionally dyes her hair to Dark Brown, with a Dark Brown eye color.

Controversy: Breast Reduction & Ariel Winter’s Weight Loss

The Fact that there has been rumor spreading regarding Ariel winter breast reduction and weight loss has been addressed by the voice actress, She stated that her Breast reduction surgery was as a result of constant back pain, Difficulty in her wardrobe choices and negative comments received on media outlets claiming she is a wh*re. Its believed that Ariels weight loss was possible through the help of her breast surgery including the fact that she is proud to encourage people into having the surgery if there’s a need for it.

Breast Reduction Scars
Breast Reduction Scars

Ariel Winter has been subjected to many criticizations as a result of her weight loss and breast reduction with many believing her weight loss was a result of the breast reduction surgery she had way back while she was 17 years old. Ariel has come out to the public stating that her weight loss was a result of strictly following her psychiatrist prescription. Although she claims she didn’t get plastic surgery but many still believe she does.

Ariel Winter before and after Weight Loss
Ariel Winter before and after Weight Loss

Who is she dating (Ariel Winter Boyfriend)

Ariel Winter has been known to be in a relationship with her current boyfriend a Canadian actor Levi Meaden appearing in a sixteen minutes movie titled Brotherly Love. The duo has been in the relationship since 2017, With Ariel in the center stage of the relationship, many of her fans might not actually have the sense of who Levi Meaden is or was. He began acting at the age of then stopped for a while but thanks to one of his tutors while he was at the Czech Republic studying Scriptwriting and Directing.

Ever since his reintroduction in the acting scene, he has landed roles such as acting alongside Nigerian Born actor John Boyega in the movie Pacific Rim, Playing the role of Cadet Ilya.

Ariel Winter with Boyfriend levi Meaden
Ariel Winter with Boyfriend Levi Meaden

The couple has been seen together on various occasions and meeting. With Ariel Winter admitting Levi Meaden does almost all the house chores because she is a kind worse wifey, The couple is also a huge fan of Halloween with both seen posing for Halloweens. Ariel & Levi both have a tattoo of cheese and butter on their index finger.

Levi Ariel Tattoos
Levi Ariel Tattoos

How Rich is Ariel Winter (Net Worth & Career)

The story of Ariel Winter changed overnight after landing the role of Alex in the movie series Modern Family. Report from claimed that she earns over  $100,000 per episode of Modern Family. Apart from making money on acting, she makes money as a voiceover actress earning from movies like the Phineas and FerbThe Penguins of Madagascar, and many other to her name.


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