Allegra Cole

We turn the table to Allegra Cole, A mother of five who had to undergo breast surgery three times in other for her to achieve her body goal. we have put together enough facts on her biography ranging from her early childhood, education, Ethnicity, nationality, husband, age, height, body shape, weight and other unknown facts.

Allegra Cole

Quick Summary of Allegra Cole Biography

Full Name
Allegra Cole
50 year old
Date of Birth
5th of May 1969
Place of Birth
Salt Lake City, Utah
Known for
Busty Model
Dyson Salleh
5 feet 6 inches tall

Who Is Allegra Cole?

 Allegra Cole is an American model, mother and a businesswoman who became famous for having to undergo breast surgery three times in other to get her desired body shape and chest shape. She is the proud CEO of AColeindustires which house the website that serves as a platform for Moms to fundraise their breast surgeries.
The Self-acclaimed big bust model Allegra Cole claim she is nowhere near her goals when it comes to the size of her breast. Cole also admits to loving the feeling of having a large breast. However, her successful surgeries and implantation have helped many to believe in their dream of achieving something similar.

How Old Is Allegra Cole (Age & Family)

The Self-acclaimed aspiring big bust model Allegra Cole is currently 50 years old in 2020 and she will turn 51 in 2021. She was born on 5th of May 1969 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Details about her family are not known to the public other than the fact that she was born and brought up with the Mormon Church’s traditional and culture.

Breast Surgery:

Prior to this writing Allegra Cole has perform three boob jobs. her firs Breast implantation came in handy when she was at the age of 33 years old. The first surgery made her breast grown by adding 800ccs that made to rise 34DD.

After the success of the first surgery, she was not satisfied with the outcome of the breast surgery therefore she went under the knives for the second time where she increased her breast to 2000cc. At this size, she claims she felt the weight of an elephant on her chest after the success of the second surgery.

The aim of the third surgery was to replace the previous saline implants with an expandable implant where she can add more saline whenever she feels the need to add. In total, she has spent about the sum of $75,000 on her breast enlargement surgeries.

Bio, Wiki, Wikipedia, Education, Early Life, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality:

Majority of the details regarding Allegra Cole early life before her rise to stardom is not known to many. She was born and raised in a Mormon family. Growing up in a family with strict Christian doctrine has been a bonus to Cole in the decision-making department and her musical skills.

Her passion for music and playing of the piano was kindled as a result of the type of background in which Allegra Cole grew up. She started playing the piano at a very young age through motivations from her mother. Allegra claims her mother has always been a source of motivation and inspiration as she once told her music will take her places. She was able to create a job and source of income for herself while she works as a piano teacher.

Things turn around for Allegra Cole when she started childbearing, Her breast began to sag as a result of constant breastfeeding. She claims she felt insecure about her saggy breast and this led to her Breast Implantation which she is widely known for.

AcoleTv which is a subsidiary of AColeindustires has over 23k subscribers on YouTube was launched on 30th of May 2018. Although the first post on the YouTube Channel was posted on 24th of November 2018 which was tagged as “Angels Day on the Beach Copy” while the most popular in titled “More Alike” and it was posted 25th April 2019. Cole’s website users her called Allegra’s Army.

Relationship & Personal Life (Husband & Children).

According to online sources, Allegra Cole has been married twice. The second marriage came into existence as after the death of the first husband named Sam who she begat three children. Allegra marriage with Sam was a result of a successful dating life right from high school.

Two years after the death of her first husband Allegra Cole met with Dyson Salleh who she is 10 years older than, through a friend. From her marriage with Dyson, she gave birth to five more children, in total Allegra is blessed with eight children. Her last daughter and last child with Dyson Salleh her husband is Mia who she gave birth to when she was 47 years old.

Body Statistics (Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color)

The number one noticeable part of Allegra Cole’s body is her large breast which measures 54″. Her Hip size is 29 while are waist size is 39. Speaking of her Height she is 5 feet 6 inches tall while her weight is 70kg a huge percentage of this comes from the weight of her breast. Cole’s hair colour is a dyed blonde but initially, her original hair colour is black.

Unheard Fact of Allegra Cole

  • Cole’s believes there’s nothing that is sexier and feminine that set of massive boobs.
  • Allegra Cole is a feminist and also her husband Dyson is also a feminist he always believes women have their right and also in the equal right.
  • Her 20 year’s goal is to have a sexier body at 50 than when she was at 30.
  • With the help of constant exercise at the gym, Allegra Cole has been able to build a body which supports her massive size breast.
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